Brian Kelly, Tony Jones, Bush discussed on CFB: Michigan at Notre Dame


Secretary down. Notre Dame Tony Jones with a, strong Ron except eleven. Yards Jones just ran over generic woods for the. First down that's going to have a lasting effect on that deep bet that play was really creative because Brandon wimbush looked at defensive end in his eye making him think he had the ball that was just enough for Jones to run up the middle and get the. First down daddy Bush for Steve, all big San linebacker for Michigan made the big sack. Moments ago just. Limped off the field rips off his helmet goes to, the bench sits down Paul sometimes the halftime you start feeling a little better than you actually feel the adrenaline. Going you say coach put me, back out there with Bush looks like he may be. Out for the. Game now laid across the bench in agony with a, leg injury Quotes Kelly right now furious as an officials time out was not called until the player was out of bounds So it's. An injury timeout for the linebacker, David Koresh, Brian Kelly not at all happy. About it, out on the field that's why in the NFL fall. They say no matter how serious it is get down allow us some time to get a player in there so we. Don't get caught in a situation where we got only ten men on the field as a defense or offense make sure to take that time officials will always give it. To you as. Injuries are. Respected by. Both, sides O'Brien Kelly's fired up as I've seen him. This evening yelling let's keep playing. Keep going let's go yeah and a good? Sign that that's the most upset we've seen coach Kelly, all night is it a lots of feel good about I do possessions of the first half didn't go well. This.

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