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The United States of anxiety is now a national show with me. This week, the etymology of the big lie. I thought I'd heard it all. I mean, I've covered politics and race for a long time. And then I read a new book documenting the truly out there conspiracy theories about the Obama family and how they still drive post truth politics. How do we fix this? Tonight at 6? Live on WNYC. Coming up on NewsHour the next 30 minutes around the world trip to create visual memories, a crash at a stadium in Indonesia leads to one of the deadliest ever football disasters. We report from the front line Ukrainian city facing a Russian assault and hear about the challenges facing Britain's new prime minister Liz truss as she attends her first party conference as leader. All of that coming up after the news. BBC News with I mean McHugh, counting has begun in Brazil's elections with the far right presidential Bolsonaro facing a strong challenge from his left wing rival Luis and asio Lula da Silva, Lula described it as the most important vote in the country's history. Mister Bolsonaro said he would accept the result if there wasn't fraud. He has repeatedly cast doubt on the integrity of the election. There are reports of gunfire in the Iranian capital Tehran at the entrance to the country's most prestigious science and engineering university, videos on social media show students at Sharif university running from members of the security forces on motorbikes. There has been weeks of anti government unrest in Iran. The Indonesian authorities are investigating one of the deadliest football stadium disasters in recent decades, at least 125 people died at the match in east Java. Mediators in Burkina Faso say the military leader, who was ousted in a cou on Friday as formerly agreed to step down. Bollon read amoeba had given several conditions, including a guarantee of his security. A 6 month UN brokered ceasefire in Yemen between Iranian backed Houthi rebels and a Saudi led coalition has ended with no word from either side about whether it will be extended on Saturday a Yemeni TV channel quoted the Houthi leader as saying the ceasefire had reached a dead end. Ukraine is to be given 16 more howitzer artillery systems, financed by Germany, Norway and Denmark, the offer was made after a Germany's defense minister Christina lambrecht made her first visit to Ukraine since the war there began. And the health ministry in Haiti has confirmed one case of cholera in the capital Port-au-Prince, raising concerns about a repeat of the devastating outbreak 12 years ago, almost 10,000 Haitians died in that outbreak which was attributed to UN peacekeepers stationed in the country. BBC News. Welcome back to NewsHour. Of the many possible reasons for taking a young family on a yearlong trip around the world, Canadian Edith Lemay's is rather poignant after three of her four children were diagnosed with a genetic condition that will probably leave them completely blind by middle age. She and her husband decided to give them as many visual memories as they could. The BBC's eloise Alana spoke with the family, halfway through their journey. My favorite moment was my birthday 'cause I read in a hot air balloon. 5 year old Laurent is on a trip of a lifetime with

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