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Yeah and those ships move in a twodimensional plane rather than three dementia says they should have just been picked off like flies by those admittedly very cool looking imperial walker's i mean it was it sort of hoff 20 it's definitely a call back to heart which i don't have a problem with ed it looked really cool not this getting back to the weaponization of hyperspace there was when i had a problem with him sacrificing general hul though that such a high level person would the number two person in your resistance is the person to kill is the person's going to sacrifice and there was a moment when it was the second time i saw the movie when when whole doses to princess leia she says someone needs to stay back in and pilot the ship i wanted to be a beat and both of them to look over three peo that would that would have been a joke land i look and this was a recurring theme throughout the movie is just the tossing off of theoretically major characters do you have snow cruise been built up in the first movie who gets his brief little i'm emperor palpa team at the end of return of the jet i moment accept i'm wearing might my hugh hefner gold robe guard small has an afterthought yeah he's got just totally guide ler malt and then yeah my final point is is i just the most heartbreaking thing for me of all of this is is well we know there's going to be lay in the next movie so she's gonna have to be written out i don't feel that luke really got his exit it didn't feel really good to me but the most heartbreaking thing was that the belief that han died for a purpose in a force awakens and you find out no he didn't in this movie he died for nothing he did not save kylo ren he did not help kylo ren kylo ren is just a dick and that sadden me to no end.

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