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We saw sorry, would you say a representative Matt Gate? Representative Matt Gates from Florida. Is that your final answer, my friend. That is my final answer. Oh, man, Aiden. Aiden Scott does all the work agent swoops in and picks up the whole thing? Can you put Scott on Mr McConnell Scott. I warned you, I said, you know, Sometimes the guy that goes first gets nailed because second guy comes in and scoops in. That's exactly what happened. Ouch! Yeah. Out. Yeah, man. Yeah. Alright, Scott. Well, thank you for playing Aiden. That's a lovely town. You live in my ex wife lives there. Colorado Springs. Oh, yes. Great. Michelle Malkin lives there. You know. Michelle Malkin lives there, too. Really? Yeah, I know that. Yeah. She moved there some years ago on duh determined that she was able to build her career and live where she wanted to live. And she felt that she did wanna live in D C or New York because Colorado Springs and what better place to raise a family. You've been there for a number of years. Yeah, You know, it's one of the only strongholds left in the whole state. Yeah, It's a gorgeous, gorgeous town and when you get snow, it doesn't stay very long. That's one of the things I like about it anyway. Aidan very well played and stay on the line will get your information and you'll be able to get a copy of a lot like me. By the way, anybody want a hard copy of the book Dear Father, Dear Son is available on amazon dot com. As is the soft cover, which is called a lot like me. The name was changed for reasons that I'll tell you about some day. Triple 8971 s a G Triple. 897172 is our number and we come back. Kayleigh Mcenany says. Those who violently besieged our capital are the very opposite of everything this administration stands for, and President Trump has finally conceded the election and announced the writers. Who trashed the Capitol building on Wednesday. And Heather McDonald told us about the Ferguson effect. You know, they're saying If the protesters have been black, they would have been With far more harshly, they would have used deadly force against them, Heather McDonald says. Oh contraire, mon frere, just the opposite. It's called the Ferguson effect. The police pull back if the suspects.

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