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Maybe you're in the situation that I'm about to describe where you can imagine it near minds. I if you're driving let's say on the west side highway, and you look toward riverside. And there are those buildings at night all those wonderful deco apartment buildings and there a twinkling lights, and there are people home, and they represent lives and relationships. There's a brother a mother son a daughter, a husband a wife tucked away in those little cubby holes. And they've all got a story. And the odds are that any number of those twinkling lights, represent at least the two songs that we just heard as potentially having been a wedding song or a falling in love to saw at last unforgettable. Maybe it was your wedding song or your I going steady song. I'd like to think that that is as good a deaf. What I guess in an ideal circumstance a standard song is. It's a song that transcends. Its original introduction gets carried forward and re purposed all through time and great performers enabled that Etta James is one Johnny Hartman is another and you are one of those twinkling nights lights tonight on a Saturday night in New York, Paul Cavalcanti with you the songbook on WNYC. Hi, I'm Alison Stewart host of all of it on WNYC next week on all of it Pulitzer prize winning playwright Lynn nodded and the director of her latest production Kamilah Forbes and.

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