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So when I see them when their chickens, I've got disadvantage in my pocket on like I could still those chickens. What a great moment, if be exciting. We get the chickens Tom be so excited. But when I looked at less house like those people would hate me, too. Point where I they would never talk to me, and I don't know if I want to do that. And then I've told no one on commerce got this advantage. So they're going to alike. All we thought Rama's with us that he had this secret didn't even tell us about it. So on yet decided not to use it. When I spoke with Victoria, we were talking about the moment where you and she are at the water and event, Joe is behind her. When when she was talking did, did you see Joe was it with or anything where you're trying to give her a hint of? Hey Joe is right behind you on. No. I was I saw Joe on and this has made me stomach a horrible person, but I was trying to even though it's work Victoria throw hundred. The bus little bit Ramaz trying to guide her to say thanks, she shouldn't have said about Joe. Because if you're a member on Joe thought I was working with him in green Aurora. Saw thought, oh if I can you put the Torey talking about about Joe target on her bag because even though us working with her as. Part of the common, sticks are never trusted Victoria. Victoria's. Very smart, and she's very conniving in from day one. Like I, I just never trusted her like lies roll off of her tongue like Honey and hall. And I even told her I said at is don't trust you Victoria. She lied understand because. Yet. But so I was kinda thrown under the bus in that moment. Okay. Okay. The interesting it, you're saying, so you guys are eventually going to swap anything else that, you know that we, we should know or any other fun stories from the original, comma. Yeah. Lots of stuff. But one thing I will say when you did your off cast with Victoria, she said that I have been making final three plants with everybody with her in Lawrence. I never made a final three plan with Victoria Ono. What she's thinking there because Victoria, she knew I was very vocal about not trusting her and on a never made a final through with Lauren. I mean Lauren and I would just to totally different types of eighth win two very different on Lices in our lives. And so I just I never made a final three with Lauren on what that was about. But on. No. But comma, it was if you hear all this, scattered in the background it is my to Chow child dogs. They are running all over the house. Okay. You hear the come again. They're the okay, what are their names? One is Westbrook. After Russell Westbrook. My favorite NBA player one is Hamilton after the musical Hamilton. Okay. They have their own Instagram pages at Hamilton Westbrook in. They are air amazing. Hey hamilton. He's on. He's is on the table now. But it could also take off the there. You got some cooler on. Yeah. Comma was great. It was wonderful. My one. True alliance always with was Eric a loved Eric s still do to this day that is my buddy. We connected, he's like he sought of the earth like he's he's he should've won. He shouldn't survivor. He's a hero. I mean that would have been if he had one, because he just such a great guy in arm is better than all of us together in when, when he was out at this destroyed me. But on one thing that you didn't see from, comma, is how close Erica were, it is generally showed that a whole lot also. They didn't show that every night at comma, we had Olympics, I would do like coconut Olympics, and we will do family feud, and we had gained night, every night was a lot of fun exciting..

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