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Try to get listeners and I think that's true like not just in terms of our podcast specific marketing like in a lot of the things that we do and just because I'm a first time founder and just because our team is small and like. All the time we have fewer resources like. The thing that's been surprising is like we're not doing any differently than the giants out there and nobody has figured out like this may sound cliche but I have been I have been surprised at the fact that like. I don't actually feel at a disadvantage. The only disadvantage is resource and that could be a confidence ego thing actually. Manage to right mean. I always say like you know you you don't have. You don't have like rope to hang yourself with because you can't. You can't lake do these pivots. Pivots to whatever Oh. Try this we'll try to sell the NETFLIX's of. It's forced focus. Yeah totally. The other thing in this is also may be like an ego thing or confidence thing but. Like I've emailed presidents of billion trillion dollar companies and they respond. Like you find someone's email, you send them a nice note it's well written. Dave respond like not always. Sent probably thousands of emails a week and the majority go unanswered but like. You just. Again, Cliche, but like you pull up a seat. You show it. You got to give and get a response, and that's been surprising and affirming and I think it's like how we've been successful. All. Right. We're going to leave it there. So we stick on the half. Hour Mark. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you, Brandon, and thank you offer listening. We will be back next week..

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