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Africa twenty-five on the shotgun. Mullin's looking first NFL pass complete to Goodwin, right flat. Runs to the sideline gets the first town angled himself right to the Oakland side and just crossed the thirty five per gain of eleven found Cayenne VR tonight. France through Hoffer. That was Nick Mullins first completion in the NFL tonight. He was sixteen for twenty two to sixty two with three touchdowns didn't get touched wants no sacks for the raiders because they had one hit. One hit no sacks though. No, no sack on the other side, though, the forty Niners getting after Derek Carr, and he played pretty conservative tonight to be honest with you he was he was he was sliding more than it. Wore Nunez was in one game three, and you, and I were texting you, and I are specific play about him, you know, rolling out. And why why would you why would you roll out go out of bounds? Why wouldn't you just throw it away? They're in the red zone or just outside red zone. I drive right. And he rolls out to his right towards a us as viewers wrecked on the screen and. He was waiting for something to open up. And then when it didn't he like reach the ball out. But still had a two yard lost them. Like, I I just want to know why quarterbacks. She's don't toss away. I think they're that close to the sideline. I'm just wondering. I I've never been there. I'm not saying why didn't use. I would like to know why I think Derek Carr every time I watch Derek Carr this year, and it really has been this year. He's been trying to do way too much. I think he just tries to do too much. I think he over thinks he's over analyzing things. This is what I've been seeing thinker. Yep. He's a thinker. And I think he over things and he just he's trying to make a play. I mean, he had he was he just played. Well, no doubt. I mean look a few years ago when they opened up the season in New Orleans against the saints. He was diving over the top of the pile. And it was like how dare what are you doing? This is part of the DNA. I think it does try to do too much at times, which may may be a factor. Why he's absolutely. I mean, look at the numbers Nick malls was sixteen for twenty two. Derek Carr was sixteen for twenty one. They had to bring AJ McCarron who ended up getting. Sacked by the way. Oh my God. I've terrible. All right. We'll continue this conversation. I'll get to the phone calls eight. Oh, I can't be ours. A number Niners beat the raiders Thursday night football thirty four to three like, I promised Morgan and Dray. Let's go to mulligan. I he's in San Jose mulligan. Thank you so much for hanging on the line. I wasn't too long way. Can you hear me? Okay. Perfect. Louis. So let me give you my opinion. Tell me you wanna walk right now. Question. Three dogs. Yeah. I just stopped in the middle of Iran. Nice. Not very very slow run. No anyways. Don't tell me straight up. Don't you agree? CJ Beathard winds that game tonight. Absolutely. Absolutely. But at the same time, we have to think in reality to write like who who who played tonight, Nick Mullins, and he got the and he looked good. So it's what front of you. Obviously, it's it's not a very good raider defense. It's not a very good writer team defense. But at the same time, you still have to do it. And it's still your first start. You're still dealing with all the same nerves that every guy goes through when they're making their first start. But anyway, let me get back to my point is. Okay. Let's wait. Let's hold off on the Hugh fauria until he plays against the elite pass rush. So who do they play after the giants? They have a bye, right? And then who do they play playing the buccaneers in Tampa that's on the twenty fifth. That's right after that's the that's the Sunday after thanksgiving. How's your pass rush? Campus pass rival middle, Pat. Yeah, it's probably like what does it fish sixteenth in the NFL middle of the pack by defensive actually that'll be a good test because okay, that'll be a decent. Good pass rush. So here, here's my main point. I wanna make less. A long time. And what I noticed about great leaders in sports like football weather, so much like split-second decision making you have to make a quarterback. It's the guys that have the really like low blood pressure when. Chaos is just breaking up all around you. You don't get. Keep your head and you still make your reach. So I wanna ask you on that note you blame CJ for that interception against the Packers that let them win the game. Or was that the scheme, or or you know, I think a lot of it? We've we've seen over the last couple of years is that like when things start the chaos. They talked about happens things start speeding up, and I agree. It happens. I mean, I played with guys that were unbelievable pressure came on and things started to speed up on him. And you're seeing a bats go away. What's the same thing in any sport? Right. So so it's kinda looking like CJ got his, you know, he got his report card, and I guess it's not a good the poor cart. And I think that Green Bay game was like the turning point where we've just gotta try something else. And I think it's based on navy temperament like, you know, the quarterback of all people has to have certain temperament now, let another so I. I think he's got a lot of that. In a lot of that happens to be. You see it here. You don't see it there? But I think a lot of it. And I was talking about earlier was he's taken such a beating your yes, I know over his career since clearly. Early in his short career. Easy to lose that confidence. It's it's easy to lose. Making and not feel comfortable where Nick bullets came into night. And he had you know, things happen for him that that built that confidence that we haven't been able to see with CJ because of you know, maybe some defenses they face maybe their offense obvious, not obviously, but their offensive line last year was was depleted because of all the injuries. Yeah. You'd never know if that report card for me, it's still incomplete with CJ bathroom for me. It is because I think there's a lot of things surrounding it. Were you still don't know? I'm with you on that, France. And I think I think it's too small of a sample size to really get very much too small. On who he is as a quarterback. But he does hold you bring up. Great point. You do you do I think CJ holds the ball a little bit too long at times. We saw me ask you one last question. Yeah. Go ahead. Go ahead. Okay. One last question. Do you think the book on Jimmy G is that he's not really a Russell Wilson type escape artist? And that if you trap them in the pocket, he has he can do, you know? I think I'm going to be honest and say that his book is not even like we have no clue. Well, no one really has a full clue of what he is. Now, we do know is he's got a damn good arm. He's got a quick release. He's got belief behind him. You know behind him in front of them all that stuff by his teammates. It's just we need to see obviously, the Niners gave him a huge contract. And I think it's well deserved. Why? Because he gave a belief to the franchise. And the fan base that we haven't seen in a long time. So yeah. Now with that being said, there's still I mean his is incomplete. Sure. But I do I do have a feeling these Jimmy G is going to be the real deal when he comes back, and he's healthy. What? Judgment. Kyle has great judge. I believe he does take amazing players don't they Essex player, aren't they really a foreign five. Let's be honest. I mean, maybe, but let's also take into account all the injuries that have been stacked up. If MacKinnon was healthy. If Jimmy G was healthy. It's very hard to say what this team would look like it really is. And what I like it. You're talking about leadership earlier mulligan is with all those injuries and everything going on. And you could see there's all those injuries on the raiders side, the quick nam, and the constant of these guys, and it's not moral victories. But that is a big thing in the culture. Look, a culture a winning culture only starts with what ws. That's it. That's how you get a winning culture. You got to win. It'd be awesome. If Jon Gruden at sat on TV, he should've said. He should've said, look, I got outcoached tonight. And I been out of the league average say that he'll I mean, it would be great if he did. But he'll miss. Say that he's got a guaranteed nine more years after this. Say that he should say absolutely not really should say should go on team and go, you know, what we don't care about the next year and a half, and Oakland, we're all getting ready for Vegas. If he said that I'll be honest with you. I feel better out feel a lot better as a fan just knowing that that exists is exactly what the route is that. We're not just speculating about it. Yeah. Why don't you have to rebuild their lines? Don't they do everything this team sucks mulligan rebuild staff? All start in the trenches in all starts in the trenches. And their trenches are just I think Colin Miller got hurt tonight. He was playing hurt. I really do. I really do that. Thank you mulligan. Appreciate. And you know, one of the things I do disagree with is like you. You can't get you fork over this win and not about the long term. But in the short term, dude, it's hard to win and sport. Yeah. Right. Especially professional sports. And that's you know. No. Do you have to celebrate a win? I mean, you tell me, I don't know. I I've never been into. Well, that's what I've talked to you about it in the past. Why brought like the five machine. The almost like the disco balls and stuff. Washing because in Philly. It got such it was so stale after wins because they want so much it became like. All right. Great. You know, the fact is it's tough. And you work your bought off all day right in baseball. I say all day because you play every day. In football. You practicing all week. You practicing all summer for that one game. The first game you practice all week for that one game. Celebrate it. So yeah, you know, what? When when people I think, it's overboard when you say Nick Mullins is the answer. But you know, what? I don't think it's overboard when you say Nick Molins played a hell of a game tonight. He played absolutely fantastic. The team was fantastic tonight. And then you leave it there. You'll live on that you build off that. But you don't say that this is like the answer to everything right now. It's not it's not just it's like I said it's a confidence building win..

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