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Been taking care of downtown to the zoo, though it's gonna be 14 minutes. They're for the zoo. The highway 16 will be another 15. So we're looking at about 12 minutes extra onto your entire ride there with Dr again Weather together on the town's on Betty laws ago. Wtmj paella Wi compound saver traffic. Dropped to 45 degrees looking at gusty winds gusting around about 40 MPH you're Friday. Still looking at a few more showers. A high of 50 wind gusts around about 30 MPH Sunshine returns on Saturday. Though high of 60 Sunday a couple more clouds streaming high 65 towards the lakefront near 70 Inland Memorial Day. A few more clouds. It's like chance for a shower late. Highs near 70 degrees, and on Tuesday partly cloudy skies I'm meteorologist burst of Wallace and with the storm team forecast on WTMJ. Right now in Milwaukee. It's rainy. That's causing all the problems on the road. It's going to be here for a while as well. It is 43 degrees is Wisconsin's afternoon news with John McKay. You're Melissa Barclay on new Brake. Mets exports traffic with Denny laws ago and Storm Team four's Brian daughter and now broadcasting live from the Annex Wealth Management studio at Radio City. Here's John mature. Yeah, we're all here. Melissa Barkley is here. Greg Matics here. Debbie Logica. Thank God that Debbie's here because it's a disaster on the roads. Nick van wagon and is here. He's producing the show as always, and I'm super excited because Buck's basketball comes up here in just a little bit there up to zero. Let's go bucks had a short show. We had the Brewers and this had a little bit of show here. And then we go straight to buck. What a great great day I wtmj. It is back to work for the Bucks tonight. The playoffs continue in Miami after back to back wins in Milwaukee. Hears Wtmj is Greg Matic straightaway three. God does is hit it Be honest, driving up, slams it on drumming. Playoff series doesn't truly begin until the road team wins the game, something the Bucks.

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