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Here's one hundred forty characters. And now i need a twenty five read. I would have gotten linked to medium post right. Look what. I have said linked to medium post eleven minute ruin. He liked dropped off a blog on your desk for the daily coast. John roberts confirmation it was like as yeah he wanted to be a daily kos blogger question for you about about about your president. Is he online with like lurker accounts. I don't know i think so. So he was online with to play words with friends That was the thing real security Potential violation threat issue. There mash words with friends when he kill everybody. He was just crush reggie. Yeah i think they just played with him to make him feel good I think that when he pete souza he has ipad and he could read the news on his ipad. He wasn't like on twitter at least back when now like descent. Yeah i think he is more. I think he is like informed in a way that you'd be like well. How did you know that if you haven't been scrolling around but i could also. He does like he goes the washington post new york times whilst you generally reads like the top read most shared stories. He's kind of gets it that way. She's at the atlantic. All the very barack obama type places That he gets his new from. He's also disciplined enough to go on twitter for eleven seconds. Realize it's low calorie garbage in walkaway unlike us. That's what i would imagine. I give twelve minutes a day. And i scan and see if there's anything i need to know and then i move on to more long-form stuff where it's like. I keep scrolling going like i should probably i should probably read something. That's longer than than a tweet. But what about this thing. But what about this thing. And so yeah. It's only on the airplane. That i can do the long form stuff. Yeah no. I'm the worst. 'cause i give my wife grief if she's on tick-tock talk too much then i'm like each. You're on twitter all day long. And it's just a chat room for nerds. It's really bad when you're even reading a story in the post or the times and you're like checking twitter in the middle of reading the story. That's what i'm like all right. My attention span is now nothing and this is just garbage. What i'm doing my myself. Another dumb question is the house is the congressional gym. Nice white a members love. And we're talking about this the other day. There's so many gyms you could go to in washington. Dc why does everybody end up back at the house and senate gym. So i don't know about the house jim. i heard. It's fancy my my good friend and former governor. Neil abercrombie was the chairman of the subcommittee on the jim. Come on. that's the thing and he said that he told me that you know. It made him very popular with members and he was the first person to make sure that the women's and the men's side were equally resource. Which is a big deal. I'm not I don't exercise indoors for the most part. So i don't go to the senate jim been inside of it. It's small and lovely. That's all i can tell you well on that note. I think we should wrap it up. And i don't know the first time i see steve king naked. I'm out of there now. I know anyone runs for congress. Your highest aspirations should be chair the subcommittee for the gym. That's pretty sweet. That's that's the shoes to fill senator shots. Thank you so much for coming by always next time. You're in town on a layover. Please come by the office of that time. He can dress up for dress down. I guess i will do. We'll figure out what we're all wearing. Matching up. okay. Thank you all right. Thanks.

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