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Brought it back making an entire ecosphere down there in detroit making watches clocks by bikes hotel jordan incredible things turn it like some of the old factories and warehouses into manufacturing plants he's a great guy i was thinking of art yeah last year to new york for blue bloods top selley came out and we mentioned to him have you ever been to ann arbor we're inviting to ann arbor and we ask you about his detroit grew up in detroit move to la and then he said to ann arbor hugh not familiar by the way i'm the only one who looks tan in this room to just see so you know you know i'm as white as an aspirin tablet to you that twenty years from now we're all going to be can really but didn't he say that being here in ann arbor that if he were going to do a movie on the go ahead go ahead sick go ahead i can't recall exactly what he said going to be good where where's reverse on this this is good i tom selleck when we went to see blue bloods he said that michigan the arbor university it's like a hollywood movie set like the buildings are right out of central casting that was his impression of the campus he said he were doing movie on the classic city that he would come to an arbor and you guys were like you're gonna make that move he was like oh hell no we invite you to come back he couldn't it it was was outstanding i didn't know if you picked up on a jet but i use that pretty much what you insure them how quite exactly when you call an isotope plate you have to say before you call the player who you got it from no thanks i appreciate that presented are solid it's called research exactly it's here's i believe that's called an omar not a competent right i like that imitation sincerest form of flattery we have a lot of lineup selleck to say that they were so good that i used it and you use it in just video at work that's about it works when i started that story and i looked into your eyes i thought to myself old no don't go there or something a my big i thought you were about to say that tom selleck was pitching a movie about somebody and it wasn't going to work it was like oh let's not do that here greg jabbar jake greg jabbar's on blue bloods michigan loves mishit family here in michigan terrific shy they got blue in the name if we can work blue bloods edson any podcasts it's a it's a good podcast one of the great shows that's ever been done in my view so jeff win as a moral and every story every absolute you're jeff win the series is finally does come out people would be able to find it we'll just be on youtube the suburban collection youtube site will have i'm not sure what the order will be at this point but i can't decide if we lead big with the big heavy hitter or are you back cleanup where we get it kind of nice where people are like oh this is fun and then you come in is the cleanup hitter i don't know it's a coup it's a great show it's really cool it it's a lot like the jerry seinfeld while medians in cars getting coffee and it was it was really fun to be on it and jeff is just great i mean everything it was a fun a fun hour and i should say so jeff you put out the call for if gyms ralph is out there to to get in touch with i wanna ralph ralph drives michigan for sure i need to i need to have a ride at add podcast but i want if you stole jim harbaugh's bite back when he was eleven years old we want to hear from you know one's admitting to that i want i wanna hear that other side of the story because that's got to be an embarrassing side of the story because you've got your bike back i dig it my bike back you do kind of know who the guy was don't actually don't know in your brain who it is what is i.

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