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Morning foy styling no hold on. Where's my phone I? I don't know Turnout turn down the music. Good morning start today morning show. mm-hmm happening live backstage at equity. Shoot for Rachel. Hollis's new show called the Rachel Hala show and Sitting on the floor of addressing room area to fulfil the commitments. You this audience to show up every single day. Welcome good morning. We're not telling anyone what we did there. I have air pods in my bag. Welcome good morning ask Rachel. Hollis is shooting a television program not television government a program. That's going to be on an unbelievable. The new streaming platform called qube That comes out here in April. And we she you know. Here's the thing I'll say we because I was a part out of it today and yesterday it's insane thing that I was asked to jump into this production The the crew that is in town. I mean it's unbelievable. Believable there's like. How many people would you say that are here? Twenty five people are working on the show and over the course of the next two weeks. You're shooting shooting eighty episodes. Make my arm. Tannen may are. Oh we're getting some real time tanning. That's tanning tanning is happening. Life you handing is happening We were doing something moments ago that involves physical activity. Not telling them what we're GONNA stretchy. Catchy shirt you're wearing something else that looks fantastic. Thank you very much and I'm here for it. I'm here for guessing we're learning aprons so This show basically has everything you've ever dreamed of and more and The first dating shows are going to be shot over the course of the next two weeks and then they shoot the next eighty and then they shoot the next eighty. It's very exciting So welcome good morning. It's Tuesday did you Tuesday. It's Tuesday There's a new rise podcast today. That's what happens on Tuesdays in the inside of this world of ours and there's an amazing conversation that Rachel had with Chris Hogan I do you know Chris Hogan Chris Hogan is an extraordinary leader of leaders He works and has has had a partnership with the the Dave Ramsey Ramsey Organization for a long long time but he has a conversation with Rachel. What was the conversation about? I know it was about leadership. Honey just trying to get you into this show the started a morning. Show that we're having over here. I'll take your arms look fantastic with self-tender. Everyone wants to know. What kind of self self tanner using? What kind of Self Tam is? It's called a COUPLA Cabana bronze. If you had that on your Bingo uh-huh Card Look Ladies and gentlemen not an Ad Copacabana bronze O- on myself. Thanks for having all right. Rachel Hollis this is going down to set. She is going to go and shoot her. Next segment. here's so. I'm going to get back to Chris Hogan into into yeah. Let me talk about Chris Hogan per second Chris Hogan he was a guest of ours. Who is on the stage at rise? Business He is on believable. He's such an amazing leader. And what I love about him is. He's a leader of leaders..

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