Two Million Years discussed on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu


Of computing and they're very perfect exponential it's a straight line or even another exponential on a logarithmic graph and this has been going on since the late nineteen th century and i have a whole mathematical explanation about why that happens we already passed the point where have enough hardware to emulate the brain the little board said actually have over one hundred times the computation needed to functionally emulate the brain already the software is more challenging issue but i make the case we're moving exponentially on that also and we're getting some of our insights by exponentially more information about the brains i make the case that we will achieve human levels of performance in every area that humans can now perform by twenty twenty nine and once a computer chiefs human levels of performance in an area very quickly as passed in i mean we saw that the computers could play an average game of go early last year and then within months soared past the best uman and then within days of that computer soared past that alpha goes zero and then i describe how we're going to merge with this technology in the twenty thirties medical that will connect on the cortex to the cloud basically to synthetic neo cortex and make ourselves smarter it'll be like what we did two million years ago and they got these big foreheads that was a dish in the court tech's we put it at the top of the hierarchy the neo cortex is a hierarchical structure and that additional neo cortex which we gotta with these big foreheads that was enabling factor for us to invent language.

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