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Did it his way, you know? So I thought I share if you guys don't mind if you saw the American masters on Ted Williams, did you guys see that? Yeah, it's really good, and I didn't know. David Ortiz produced it. Yeah, David Davis got, he's quite entrepreneurial. Thomas. They stays. You p. prepare next thing. You know, it'd be a Broadway show impresario David Ortiz. Who knows anything I'm telling you it would him anything is possible. I just remember, you know, covering along with you Mitch course Tra Alan Trammell and and Jack Morrison, and I will. I've always was impressed with Jack Morris in particular and his his fight, his Tennessee. You know, he, he to me is one of those guys who is the troop hitting me of a tough tough pitcher. There's nothing that he backed away from and you know, I remember sparky Anderson always telling me that the one thing he loved about Jack was, you know, smart guy and he's great arm, and you know, lie fastball and all that stuff, but his location of his pitches in and how he put all of that together with an idea purpose in use location to his. Advantage is really great. And I just I just I just always admired his fight and it's something that you don't see in today's game as prevalent. These pitchers who have that tobac- of a linebacker while his biggest tenacity was never to come out of a game. Yup. And that's what I loved about them because you don't. You don't see that anymore. Now, guys are looking up and seeing my in the fifth inning among almost done here. You know, most of my work year is a starting pitcher me just get through the fifth inning, and then someone else will take over Mars. Never wanted to come out of a game. If he didn't go nine full innings, he felt he was a failure. And of course this was a Pitta Mayes by the greatest game ever pitched where he went ten innings in game seven of the World Series. And he told Tom Kelly as Mike Luke recounted for his last week. You don't even think about taking me out when when nine innings were finished and Kelly stuck with him and he thanked Kelly in his speech yesterday, thank you for leaving me in, you know, and I thought I have to credit. So some other writer, I can't remember his name because I read. So much stuff, but somebody put this theory out there, and I think it's correct about whether Jack Morris deserved to be in the hall of Famer. He's now got the highest DRA of any pitcher in the hall of three point. Nine, almost four runs a game and one of those whips or wars or whatever that doesn't make anybody happy, but and this was put forth by this writer and I echo it the reason that he has to be in that hall of fame and belongs in the hall of fame is you cannot talk about the air in which he pitched without talking about him. You can't. He wants to complete games in the nineteen Eighty-four World Series and found Trammell hadn't been the MVP. He might have. He pitched the greatest single game seven in World Series history in terms of pitching performance, one to nothing and wins there. He won four world championships with three different teams, and he was just dominant. You know, you talked about him when he pitched during that time. So even though his numbers don't pass some kind of computer test, the smell test was Jack. Borisa a great hall of fame pitcher, anyone who was living through that era probably already soon. He was already in the hall of fame. And we talked about this today. He is the flash point player of them all between the nerdy stat guys and the people who like to watch the games, you know, and and he used to flash point guide the people, the the, the sabermetrics guys hate them, hate them, they, they think we're fools of everything. You just said, they'll just dismiss out of hand as irrelevant because they have numbers to the society that you know he, he doesn't belong. I am with you Mitch, one hundred percent with Jack Morris. Okay. On this regard the but he will forever be the flesh point guy now that's just the way it is, and that's where we are..

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