Robert Plant, Zeppelin, Arnold Schwarzenegger discussed on Herman Cain


That he turns out to be the best that's ever done it so guess what his money's gonna go way up and the pay gap is going to be huge accept the world as it is it's not going to change in your lifetime if you want to make money if that matters to you then get good at something that not so many people are good at or get good at something that has a lot of people in it but there's a huge demand for right now if you're eighteen or nineteen computer coding is everything you're if you're good at it if you're decent at it you're probably going to be able to get a good career going and make decent money but you know what forty years from now it might be like being a steelworker it may not last forever there may be a point of diminishing returns with that this is how the world works you listening to me now twenty four twenty five years old you're going to stamp your feet and say i demand to have within fifty times of what the what have you done what have you done that makes you feel entitled to any x number compared to what somebody else has done boy that robert plant for led zeppelin he makes too much money well i didn't sing stairway to heaven he did if this was a bumper sticker i would tell you kids to go out and find your stairway to heaven what what what seriously what the w half with autumn fisher i'm sorry out and we don't have any time we're going right into commercial guess what you wanna do what you wanna do is step on your time your computer science goofy but i'm gonna give you a shot here giving us the wto go ahead i'm arnold schwarzenegger is planning to take big oil companies to court for knowingly killing people all over the world due to climate change they knew that the fossil fuels would kill people he says it's like the tobacco companies they knew and yet they went ahead we have arnold schwarzenegger and we do donald trump will be global warming and climate change happening because of fossil fuels it will be risky for people's lives they would kill people and they will get cancer and.

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