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It relates to the game all try to be the voice of reason and i'll try to not go off the deepened on a certain things there are certain things that bug me about the game and i'll start with one the bucks be the most and yes it had an impact in the game and guess came from one of your team leaders and your team captain vaughn miller but in this case in if if you've heard me talk on the radio over the years i never blame a game on the refs and i still won't blame a game on the rapts but i will periodically point out very poor calls because while the players and coaches are not allowed to criticise the refs even though to some degree the coaches and players our baited into it quite frequently i know vance joseph was asked about the von miller unsportsmanlike conduct i know von miller was directly asked about his unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and both of them took the high road and von miller i thought was very gracious very smart and said look i can't do that i killed the game force those were his words i killed the game force he knows it but and and co head coach vance joseph basically said the same thing he just said he's got to know better we love vaughn and he just kinda no better you can't make that kind of penalty in that's situation was seven and a half minutes to go in the fourth quarter and you're down by only one score at that time merely down by a touchdown who down twenty three to sixteen so you're still very much in the game hit a third nonstop vaughan was freed up on a twist moving came up the inside and it was a clean tackle and didn't dr him to the ground but it for those of you that didn't see it and you're just tuning in now and wondering what i'm talking about there was an unsportsmanlike conduct call not because of the hit vaughn miller put on thai rod taylor which caused an errant throw in a winning completed fell on the ground harmless it just stopped the clock and it would have been you know get off the field play for the.

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