Richard Cancer, Donald Trump, ABC discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


ABC news I'm Richard cancer criticized for his own actions in the pandemic president trump is trying to shift blame to the World Health Organization cutting off U. S. funding of the U. N.'s health agency accusing it of not acting fast enough when called in nineteen first emerged in China late last year the WHO's attack could travel restrictions put political correctness above lifesaving measures travel bans work for the same reason that quarantines work pandemics depend on human to human transmission border control is fundamental to virus control many agree robust testing should factor in the decision to reopen the economy Oregon's governor Kate brown we need to ramp up testing capacity in every region of the state increased testing helps us make sure that we can identify where the viruses in our communities and stop it from spreading again the president hopes to reopen the economy may first after taking heat for declaring only he had the authority to reopen the U. S. economy the president said he'd grant that authority to the states he's going to huddle with the governors this week frankly it'll be at a time that will be earlier than the deadline that we opposed the end of April so we think that some of the governors will be in really good shape to open up even sooner than that on the road to the White House on Monday Joe Biden picked up Bernie Sanders's endorsement on Tuesday got the blessing of his former boss choosing joy to be my vice president was one of the best decisions I ever made and it became a close friend and I believe Joe has all the qualities we need in a president right now former president Obama formally endorsing Biden's run for the White House Republicans running Kentucky's legislature overturned democratic governor Andy Beshear's veto residents still required to show photo ID to vote you're listening to ABC news radio time is one oh two the number of covert nineteen related deaths in Colorado is now three hundred twenty nine the state health department reporting an increase of twenty one from Monday there are now seventy nine hundred forty one positive cases in the state increase of two hundred fifty an additional sixty three people were hospitalized for a total of fifteen hundred fifty six there were six more outbreaks of residential and non hospital health care facilities for a total of seventy eights with covert nineteen closing meat plants around the country including the GPS facility in Greeley some are wondering about the nation's meat supply details from fox thirty once Michael Kahn a plastic thing Hauser is executive V. P. of the Colorado cattlemen's association we're working very aggressively to get those plants back open but human health is our highest issue of importance right now coronavirus is also diminishing the production elsewhere in the country analysts worry the news will prompt panic buying in supermarkets there is adequate supplies there's not going to be your need to have a rush on ground beef or anything like that what is seen with toilet paper even when people are told there's.

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