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Vasser days rosen is enduring a rough hazardous well now now jason was doing it for shouting faster than jason kidd who i think roush roush i will say this while say russ was is a better athlete all this stuff jason kidd was doing it more to push the ball and pass it where he russ's looking to go scored it is so it's a different type of speed when you have so when you putting so much pressure on the defense but with whom we're guarding russ we all tried suck into the paint so he can't go war with jake kit it was props because if you try to seconds in the pain humans killing so his speed was purely based off of i'm trying to get other people involved so that you had the canyon vince sprinting as hard as we could to try and keep up with two 'cause they knew it was going to open up so as a difference been his sport his rookie year and i never seen as he would hit a routine single to left and he would turn it into a double and i'd seen that when i was playing little league but i never senior level you used to do that all the time i never seen a guy that fast on the basis do you remember who interviewed you after you've ai game preval you he's devastated nath is very first gala my game even do i even look 20euro is whatever you do a familiar because i your roof year i travelled with you guys but then i went to laker network okay so you do true he to try to my first interview with you with after you hit for the cycle okay that was the earth on field interview that i had that key it's okay on everybody's not daughters my it have nice for him to know thrown out the first pitch gci out right thanks thanks for that for you about that i'll tell you right eyebrow not balanced on her dog okay i never see any better meeting like who who is a.

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