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We are America. As I say. Liberties lost on a minute to by minute basis coming up in the three o'clock hour. We're going to have a conversation with a woman who could very well be Wisconsin's next governor. Today. Rebecca Kleefisch, former lieutenant governor under governor, Scott Walker. Hadn't as announced that she will indeed enter the ring and the race for 2022. We'll talk to Rebecca Kleefisch more about 3 15. Regarding her run and the campaign ahead. Right now, Speaking of the campaign looks like, uh, old Tony's numbers are sagging a little bit, perhaps like his spirits. Uh, Evers. Poll numbers plummeting Doctor Will Flanders, research director for the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty is joining us now to talk a little bit about a new will pull that was commissioned by Renowned polls. Store pollster. Uh You know, the, uh have some information. More information on this now with Dr Will Flanders. Good afternoon, sir. How are you? Good afternoon. Thanks for having me on doing well. Yeah, I'm glad to have you here. The numbers are very interesting. Very telling. This was put together by Scott Rasmussen, who is you know he's He's no champ when it comes to the world of poll polling. I mean, this guy is pretty well known and has been pretty accurate over the years regarding his polls and got some interesting numbers. Now a governor That is below 50% is almost near that underwater range. Let's take a look at some of the top line numbers well. Yeah, That's absolutely right. So you know, we decided, as you said, it's election season is beginning to ramp up it be a good time to sort of get a state of play. And if we're going to do that, in Wisconsin or really anywhere in the country, we knew partnering with a thought rescues and it's sort of the way to go and we look at a number of different issues. Um, primarily looking at a lot of the election, build an election integrity issues. But we also included the overall approval for the governor, and we found him to be within that margin of error. We found him to be at 48 to 47 the margin of error on our poll with a 1000 registered voters throughout the state of Wisconsin is about 3.1%. So not sort of the high approval ratings we've been seen before, And we think you know a number of issues, you know, including the election, integrity stuff. We talked about this poll but also the continuing effects of school closures of these Endless debates about masking in schools and things like that happen CRT and pools. We think all of these things are having an effect. Will Flanders from the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, joining us on this edition of the Vicki McKenna Show. I find it interesting if you look and you compare the Rasmus and numbers with the Marquette Law School poll, the last or latest most recent Marquette Law School poll. Showed the governor at 50%, But look back over time. Will I find it Fascinating. This is a governor, uh, from March late march of 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. To today has dropped 17% points You remember in March at the beginning of the pandemic when it seemed like a lot of Wisconsinites were frightened what was to come and they were looking for leadership from their chief executive. Uh and you know he had 65% in terms of favorability or support that has dropped, according to this latest poll down to the 47% level. I think his handling of the pandemic has a lot to do with that. What do you think? Absolutely right. I think you know for over a year now, right where we're a year and a half into this pandemic, and people have been looking for leadership from the governor's office. Uh, The entire time. We've also been looking for him to work with the Legislature and come up with sort of compromises and reforms that actually are sort of measures that could be reasonably agreed to, you know, not unilateral mandate. Not things along those lines. He is essentially continually tried to go on and on his own from our legal side. We've had a number of obviously lawsuits over the past year to sort of prevent that. We've been relatively successful, but the end result is a governor that doesn't show leadership unwilling to work with the the people in the Legislature to make reasonable attempts to get things done. And when, instead just rather take his mandate that he can have his band Aid will take his ball and go home and you're absolutely right. The poll numbers we have here are not really inconsistent with what you've seen in the Marquette poll. There's a continual downward trend. Think just since we've been in the field a little bit more recently, we're seeing drop below that 50% level. Will Flanders, research director for the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, joining us this hour in the Vicki McKenna show. You know, this is a governor who has become the governor of No, You mentioned it before he's going to go it alone. He's not going to work with Republicans and no matter how the left and their public relations firm in the mainstream media like to frame this There have been a number many myriad examples of Republicans, Republican leadership reaching out to the governor. There have been many examples of the governor, not even returning their phone calls. Unfortunately, when he does return their phone calls, he's recording them secretly. So that's the kind of situation that we have in the state of Wisconsin right now. But he has rejected a number of pieces of legislation that are quite frankly as you note in this poll, quite popular with Wisconsinites, particularly after the debacle of an election of November 2020. Your polling numbers show great support for things, voter integrity measures like voter ID. And these others. These are bills that the governor has, um out of hand vetoed and rejected. Yeah, That's absolutely right. So you know what we wanted to do here was sort of look at some of the measures that have been proposed, as well as a number of other sort of reasonable common sense Reforms to see. Across the state with the level of support for them was obviously the governor is couched these things as being extremely partisan, and you look at the votes in the Legislature. For most of these things. They're along partisan lines, but, you know, not just the governor, but the Democratic Party. Elected Democratic Party of the whole that's been in opposition. Um, but across a number of different election reform measures that we looked at, we found not only Republican support, not only independent support, but even a majority of Democrats supporting Reforms give you a couple examples here. One of the main ones is with this with the notion of ballot curing. So what we know from you know, this larger election study that we're engaging in the other groups are engaging is is that Alec curing, even if it's you know, we think it probably shouldn't be happening. We know what's happening throughout the state. This is where elections officials go in and make corrections to errors on ballots. What we know is that that varies from municipality to municipality. And your chance of having your vote counted in Milwaukee is different than it is in Walkinshaw is different than it is in Madison varies throughout the state. We have people should there be a uniform standard for first ballot curing..

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