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Hugs is good hodges makes you may answer anything and you have a good chance at goodison yeah exactly because you out on what had to kill you one day is that what's going on here if you wear hoods going to answer no i thought yes we had better answer that's all magnus mets good at the comey's nothing is matt we like man i accept that it i was going to defend my answer is just like anybody would of course we all do that even when the answers are horrible trail tall because it makes it very ladders talbot ally i location is our email that's what i said and i lost yeah very disappointed in you talked about me and i go for you on that one jason i said ladder with a letter we know what i don't even know we have to weird is the becoming one hugs and matt le la one this wasn't in the other answer you midget i magazine i'm gonna get into to press when i make fun of his dumpster way he thought goo good how does guys out i sound like a muddle amount a sound like get rid of boy no let's now in my view it was like why am i get involved well the the big time rematch will be at 920 this morning hugs versus that with the show and why is out there all right all right we got an email from all morning listener this happen at wake forest university she's in a sorority there and her boyfriend is in a fraternity and that's where they met like a fratzer already party die and they've been going out for i think like six months all her friends like you're dating a player you're dating a players the big mistake and she's like i think they're just hate on them but now she has doubt is he cheating find out next jeered and katies war of the roses five traffic alert our aaa traffic updates give us a call at one eight hundred six eight two one of seven five seven five the our forecast today.

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