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Kim has Jesse Lozano? And I've been getting a lot of questions on Twitter. DM's on Instagram, Snapchat, and who is my favorite member of BT s I wanna give you an update I have I have chosen someone so tomorrow night, right before seven pm or make that announcement right here. So lock it in one or two point seven kiss. FM Kendrick says. Confrontation. Bring bring us for bring them, but you pay the. No. You. I don't even what you could. Recognition forest disa- calculated promises. Conversation. Forgive me Zion. Oh, you knew the moral. Get this. I find out what you. I want to winning. No, my mum. And that's British. The minutes of nonstop kissing you there. Point seven. Two. Think so. Thank you. So you. Not bad. Thank you. That. Bad guy. He. Two. To sing. So you. Good enough. Thank you. Seduce you. Bad guy. They kiss some pretty glad. He said, she said. Maybe somewhere..

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