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WHS show Elliot in here for Tony Cruz and his Kentucky and his morning news. Tony has the week off. I did want to mention I know I'm I'm awfully late to the party. But I did want to note the passing of Kent Taylor, who Died last week. He was 65 He, of course found in Texas Roadhouse. One of the good guys in this town, 1993. He found a Texas Roadhouse and, of course Texas Roadhouse is going on to have some great success, and I know he had had some real battles, according to his family, with some post co vered problems and things and it's just a It's just a real loss for this community and for this town, and I know they have. I know there had been talk about a new management team that have been put in place and I know they had Discussed this, as Mr Taylor. Would you know was 65 years old and you always try to. It's always wise tol have Ah, contingencies in place in case something would happen in situations where you have here. You're you know you're you're, uh important executives. We have some sort of Ah, replacement option for them. If something was to happen, What do we do in the event of ex wires? E. So I know a lot of that had been done. And the new management team is has is being announced now, and it is Continuing on with Texas Roadhouse, But I did want to say I mean, he's a guy who Just contributed a great deal to this community, and it's just it's a sad thing. The passing of Ken Taylor Who died last week. We're coming up on 10 before seven o'clock. Scott's.

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