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Truecar to enjoy more confident car buying experience was the crowd chanting for the backup catcher. Last night they were Grondahl has had a brutal brutal series double. He did hit a double a ground rule, double that the dodgers couldn't cash. 'cause they were all for ten with runners in scoring position last night. Yeah. Grondahl quote, after the game isn't gonna do him any favors among the crowd, he said, I think my wild pitches pass balls are driving you guys more nuts than it's driving me. Well, I mean, I think he's saying that to basically say that he's trying to turn the page or he's confident news. But I mean he had, as you know, a disastrous game one in that department. And then in game two. To hit into an inning-ending rally, killing double play that Justin Turner was able to bail him out on with a two run shot later on the game. And then last night. But everything gets magnified when you can't hit and seeing again last, it was an odd first pitch time. It was four fifty in the afternoon. I got there just as the first pitchers arriving with with the kids and. There was, I guess the house was like sixty seventy percent full Ryan. Braun dub doubled in a run to start the game. Dodger fans are as as they're sitting in their seats already down one, nothing and they couldn't get. They couldn't get on base. And when they got on base, they couldn't do anything and Grondahl struck out. He struck out with two with bull after Puig doubled and put runners on second. And third in one out he struck out which led to allow with two outs to intentionally walk KiKi Hernandez. Buehler was just a sitting duck Barnes is starting at catcher today. Okay. So maybe they have heard in dodger land or just seeing what they're seeing. But to me, it's just further proof that pitching always go for pitching always. And I'm just saying, again, again with the Yankee, supposedly. With Didi gregorius out in the drumbeat in the New York area is for them to try and go get Manny Machado. You don't need Manny Machado. If if you're three hundred million dollar man, Stanton is providing the pop that you need in the already have the young pop in the in the lineup that they need to grow and foster. Don't spend three hundred million dollars on that. Go and get the pitching look at what the brewers you doing right now when Josh Hader came out of that pen last night, every single person that building new was done. Everybody it looks like Randy Johnson and throwing it. He was popping amid at ninety five ninety six ninety seven. It wasn't even close. Good pitching will be good hitting every day of the week and the brewers have it right now. And if on the dodgers I am genuinely concerned 'cause haters ready today to and they will stick it out there for multiple innings to try and take that three one lead. And I think council should push that button. Man, brewers, win today, baby. I know it was dead in the building last night, but the dodger fans, they handed out the towels. My kids were all ready to go crazy. They just couldn't. John Maher's comments on the giants coming up. Next football season is here and no one covers ball like cast one sports knit. We've got you covered on a daily basis with Dan, Patrick rich Eisen. This might be just a walk in the park RJ bells dream preview and Ross Tucker's fantasy feast podcast. They're just creating more work.

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