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News, sunshine and seventy one in Seattle here at coamo, I'm Charlie harder. In for Rick van Cise in Carleen Johnson during this noon report stories, we're working on rumors of a school shooting at Shelton high school today. Spread like wildfire on social media last night Shelton police captain, Mike. Viola says several parents called last night to say their kids about a plot to be carried out today. But after investigating Feola says, it was nothing to this was a big threat or get the misunderstanding that kind of went awry, so classes are in session today. Extra police officers are there to allay any concerns. Local police sergeant already on notice for sexually harassing the subordinate is getting a promotion the Bremerton police department is promoting sergeant Kevin crane into a supervisory position that will boost to salary from one hundred twenty thousand dollars a year to one hundred twenty eight thousand the promotion effective Monday comes through. Three years after crane was suspended for three days for telling a female officer. If she wanted to advance in the department, she should quote get under his desk, a reference to a sex act Bremerton paid one hundred seventy five thousand dollars to settle the officers claim against crane now police chief JIMBO chat tells the kids apps on crane has undergone harassment training and has quote served his time in the penalty box. Corwin hake. Komo news calls have spiked this week and especially over the past twenty four hours to hotlines for victims of sexual assault. Mary Ellen stone is the executive director of King County sexual assault resource center calls are absolutely up very dramatically, and we're hearing primarily from women. But there's a big angel h like women in their twenties to women in their seventies. Calling to say, I'm not gonna wait thirty years before I report this stone tells KOMO hearing about sexual violence in the media and online can be very. Difficult for survivors and loved ones. So it's important to be sensitive to one another. A deal approved by the King County council to spend one hundred thirty five million dollars a tax revenue for Safeco field. Maitland's over the next twenty five years is being challenged group wants a public to vote on the deal and yesterday a Seattle attorney filed a petition with the county council, they only did gather more than forty thousand. Valid signatures over the next forty five days to qualify for the ballot Washington US Senator Maria Cantwell will meet with veterans from each branch of the military this afternoon, they'll gather in Seattle to talk about the issues facing topics include education, health care and employment. Illinois, Senator Tammy Duckworth, a fellow Democrats, you'll be there too. She's an Iraq war vet the discussion starts at two thirty still to come here on KOMO the plan to make up seven minutes.

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