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Hanks and others Where it sort of now? Sort of makes it real. So what kind of sense do you get on on those kind of fronts? Yeah I I think it makes a difference that it's an NBA player. And it's a pretty well known name fairly well known name That it puts a face on it that it makes it where the the early cases that were in Seattle. Well this is a senior home and it's really only infecting elderly people. This is a twenty something year old. Who is in prime world class physical athletic condition and he still was able to get it and so it. It makes you understand that. This isn't just relegated to certain groups of people. It's not a racial thing that an age thing. It's not a health thing that anybody can get this and obviously go. Beer is taking some heat because he was grabbing the microphones and and recorders That it was a joking matter and I think once you put a face to it in the NBA. A prominent face. That it's not a joking matter anymore. People know that this is serious stuff. And you don't know if you have it so everybody's GonNa WanNa go and get tested but the way that the medical Situation is set up. His there aren't enough test for everybody to go out and get it so just use common sense and and they said that from the very beginning. Wash your hands for twenty seconds. If you're sick don't go to work. don't Coughlin Peop- I mean. Just just very very simple stuff. That p your mother's been telling you for twenty or thirty years when you were a kid do this stuff and so it's and I've noticed where I'm going and I wash my hands. I started washing my hands. Somebody walked in the bathroom. Use the bathroom and walked out before I was done washing my hands. And so those are the ones that you have to reach with this common sense approach to it is that this isn't a joke. There people who cough and say. Oh my bad. I don't have the virus. Well you might. You don't know and so it's it's n- less of a joking matter and it's more of a serious matter and putting it. It's almost like when when Magic Johnson got any type came out and put a face on it you may have known people who had HIV but most people will remember where they were when magic. Johnson's press conference happened. And that made it real. It wasn't something just on the fringes anymore. This was real that everybody had to pay attention to and I think go bear Testing positive now. Donovan Mitchell makes it even more prevalent that that's been a case right and in given That this is pro athlete. And you know Tom. Hanks also stuff Our people now going to get on in a media over load Because everybody's going to be covering covering it it's going to be on. Cnn is going to be on ESPN. It's GonNa be everywhere that that sports fans and people Look at to try figure out what's going on. What what's your sense on that? Yeah I think it is going to be in. It's going to be part of the new cycle where it's There's so many other things going on but this is GonNa be front and Center within that And it should be because if you look at it on a worldwide basis and that's the other part is that Americans maybe didn't take it as seriously as they should have and taking measures And at first it was really more of going out and let's vile sanitizer that we can because that's the first step of it but it's not just using sanitizer. It's your behavior. It's the way that you handle When you're walking around in dealing with people and consciously I instead of just rinsing my hands off for five seconds and going about my business let me do it for twenty or twenty five just to be sure. Let me Cough out here and just be all out here with my illness and and For people who can't afford to do it if you don't feel well don't go to work. Don't try to expose other people. Take your fellow man into consideration when you do think. Because that's how this thing it's spreading so rapidly because people unconsciously or doing things or maybe consciously not following the directions but maybe this giving them the directive in the incentives to try to do it a little bit more. Sure and as a member of the media. How do you sort of balance that The balance of giving the proper information to people while also Not trying to over blow This situation GimMe thoughts on that. I'd just trying to tell people just like this interview. I'm just trying to tell people what my experience is in. What kind of makes sense to do is It's not illegal. Beer is is taking a lot of Negative flack online. Because he touched the microphones and he made light of Corona virus at the time. But you can't fault him. He didn't know if he did it. Knowingly it's a little bit different than Just kind of saying hey this. We're taking this abundance of caution to try to make sure that we're not spreading it but the media people. I think what he was saying in doing. That was your mic guys. I trust you. I've been around you but it highlights the fact that you don't know when you're sick you don't know until you're sick sure This is not pro related but you know the college world is going. You know topsy-turvy as we as we know it now. I mean the big ten big twelve. Sec AMERICAN CONFERENCE. All canceled their tournaments today And so what does the sort of meaning or signal about the NCAA And or about the march madness tournament and and also because you are former Michigan beat beat writer. How do you believe that the NCAA is going to be able to see two tournament When you have all of these countries that are getting rid of their champions That receive automatic bids. Yeah I think that's GonNa be a developing situation something just to watch because it may just end up pushing everything back very much like we're talking about with the NBA because if you don't have conference tournaments you can say it's the regular season champion. And that's what seems to be fair and I think people have to realize that this is an unprecedented situation. We've never had anything that's like this so you can't do business as usual with washing your hands and you can't do business as usual with how you're doing sports. I mean they could very easily just they cancel everything and we're not gonNA have an NCAA tournament period beer always financial considerations that go along with that. And it's good to see that the the individual conferences or cancelling tournaments but the final four is the big breadwinner. And all of this. That's the big chicken and you've got to kind of measure how that's going to happen. Maybe they just Cut it off at the end of the regular season and say we'll pick the teams based off of this or they'll come up with some agreeable way to do it so that the small schools don't get left out but I think that's going to be one of the more intriguing things to to watch that. I can't see them canceling the entire tournament. It's there's too much money at stake in and sadly to say it's palm money is going to drive a lot of the decisions that are getting made in terms of sporting events in the next few of of whether you're going to see them And I know the NBA. Kind of reluctantly Suspended the season again. They were trying to do it with no fans at all so that you can still get the TV money out of it but To say that you're not gonNA have any of these events whatsoever. I mean there's insurance costs there's been you cost. There's a lot of different things that go into this from a financial perspective that the NCAA the NBA. All of these leaks can't just eat the money. That's that goes into renting the The Georgia Dome and saying well. That's okay we're just not going to have it out of an abundance of caution they're gonNA figure out some kind of way to have it and televise it By the time this is all said and done that's just wipe it sure and just just for a point of reference Nfl cancel or postpone their season Earlier today as well And so I mean there's a lot of moving parts to everything that's going on and so you know we don't know what's what's going to happen next But we'll have to sort of sort all of this out folks will have to sort this out in just from my point of view. I think a lot of this is being driven by money If you're the big ten and you were expecting crowds of thirty thousand And you've limited it to two hundred and fifty people In a stadium I don't think that would have been the right choice And I think there was something that read About the situation today. Way Down at the bottom of the story. the the Commissioner of the Big Ten said. It wouldn't be financially prudent in order to do these things and so I do believe that Mo- money Is a big driver in all of this at the end of the day I think like I said the money decisions are going to be. What actually does it. And people have to realize it's not going to be You may have some inconvenience from a fan perspective. It is an inconvenience. You don't get to watch your favorite sport do but there are people dying and there's a widespread virus that's going around around the world. That's just put that in perspective If you're going to say well I don't get to watch the final four. I don't get to watch the NBA. Think about the players who are going through that and their families and and It's not a computer game. You don't just turn this on and these people play they have lives. They have feelings they have situations and families to that. They have to sort of think of and support. And if you don't have them as being humans and you don't have this machine that the sports machine that we have so we did all kinds of goes together but I think fan sometimes lose track and lose sight of that that they these are actually people who have other things going on to have Really go bear or Donovan Mitchell whip. They're not healthy. You can't have a lead you can't. It's just not the same sore and and while we're sort of on that kind of Issue Talk to me a little bit about the Locker Room Environment and I know a lot of leagues. In recent weeks have pulled the media out of of the locker rooms itself in terms of interviewing but described to people the locker room setting and sort of all of the things that could potentially Harm those who could be indirectly Involve with athletes. Well it's we were in the locker room in At Madison Square Garden on Sunday and so any locker room setting. I mean you've got people getting out of the shower and and Just any number. Sometimes when you're trying to interview a guy in a post game it is the media scrum. And you've got six or eight media members within a couple of feet of a guy's face and so there's that exposure to it but then it's also just if you want to talk to a guy and get a separate story do a one on one and you might sit down and talk face to face with a guy over over to the side a little bit more and I I.

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