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True true. So is it reasonable. When you're you know. I guess you could say negotiating with someone over a contract. Is it reasonable to ask them to change something in the contract. I think it if if there's something say say the way the way you're paid at work you only get paid once a month. And they have a thirty day termination clause and you wouldn't be able to get another paycheck in say if they terminated you. You wanna make sure that you would be able to at least have a paycheck to move on and you could say. Would you be able to extend that in my case to forty five days i understand i have to get out but if you give me forty five days i'll have a pay check in hand and i'll be able to then have something with me in something to help me with the transition. There are exceptions to rules in communities by federal law in for the americans with disabilities act service animals. You know all those types of things so if you know you have a service animal and you have a small unit. You wanna go to either an rv place or any kind of plate site where it's no pets that can be an exception view. Would be saying to them. I need to have this animal with me. Performs a function for me whether it be emotional are true service and that landlord that leasing company would have to make the exception for you so those couple of examples of where. If there's a hard and fast rule you could ask for the exception and in the matter of service animal or a caregiver who's on age of entitlement to those exemptions by state and federal law got it. Yeah speaking of exceptions here. Where i live in burlington vermont and vermont. In general has a number of laws about leases and tenancy that kind of you know for example like in burlington. A landlord is not allowed to charge a higher rent for a pet. They can take a pet deposit but they can't charge a different rent for a pet though. Like do those laws if somebody does find themselves in a contract that is actually against the state law which which takes precedence like the contract that they signed or the the in the state that says well. You can't have a lease that makes somebody do. Xyz that's one of those situations where And i think it most states in the united states. There's usually a lawyer referral number an eight hundred number that you can call and there may be a nominal charge but if if you have a situation like that where you know you google the laws and burlington and it says one thing and you look at your lease and it says something else you. I would also google lawyer referral service because my firms member of that. And it's it's kinda like a pro bono service that would be a perfect question to pose sue somebody in one of those referral services to say. You know i'm attendant. The law says that. I see i'm being charged. Something different and then you know landlords or held to comply with the laws just like ten minutes or so you know there are ways where you can challenge that short of you know hole big lawsuit you know by getting some of that legal advice and do you offer or have a recommendation of where people can find like sample contracts. Like say. they're you know going to go live in their tiny house in someone's backyard and the person's like oh i don't really have a contract you can you bring me one or is it are there. Do these exist out there. And is there a good source for them i have. I don't know of one particular source but usually in any jurisdiction view go online and put in sample. Landlord tenant lease. You'll get a whole bunch and it's usually from law firms that our landlord tenant lawyers and you would be able to at least get an idea of basic terms and it's usually start date how much you're going to pay what the basis for termination is and if there's a security deposit and you would be able to just look at that framework and it doesn't really have to be much more complicated than that. So you know. I hate to say. Google is a source. But if you google that tight. Landlord tenant lease or sample lease. And it comes up with the law firm. At least that's a little more reliable situation than the way used to go to the library. Find something that said leases and you know. Pull out some antiquated your party. The first party of the second part document you know. It's a lot more available and accessible online now green so i also wanna get into this. We've been talking a lot about communities and kind of leases and where you're living but the other big topic is around you know entering into a contract to have a tiny home built for you. Yeah and i'm curious. What are some of the issues that you've seen in in that realm Probably the best way to tackle that is not having payments in sync with Like what the builders doing as far as the bill so it up like giving fifty percent down and fifty percent at the end without any steps in the middle to like for example You know a certain certain percentage or certain amount when the you get the floor plan. A certain percentage you know when the walls are up when the electrical goes in when the plumbing goes in so that it's not just one chunk of payment and you pray everything gets done until you make the second payment. You want a stair. Step that so that you get proof of what's happening with the first payment. The second payment the third payment and the critical factor is. There are a lot of people who don't even know what their electrical plan is in their house or the plumbing layout so that if they have problems with those types of those parts of that house the the contractor repair person that comes in literally have to take part figure out where the electrical system is. Or where where the junction boxes are. That may be the cause of the problem. So you definitely want to have the payments timed so that you're getting what you need as the owner to show that that work has been done and there are certification companies out there. That can do that. But you wanna hold them to the same requirement you know. They are certification companies. But you should be getting proof of inspections you know all along through that process. Not just you get certificate at the end that the home meets all the requirements be roadworthy and all of that all certification companies do things in a timely fashion through the bill. So you wanna make sure that your timing your payments with them as well with production of what proof of.

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