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Two people are dead, one injured. After a tow truck driver, rear ended a car with three people inside. That happened early this morning on southbound route three, near westbound route 32 as you were approaching game rolls off of I 97. And around the county police had a freight line of tow truck overrode the 2010 Honda sedan causing both vehicles to run off the road and hit some trees. The driver of the Honda and a rear seat passenger were killed, they're both from Glendale, Maryland, and the front seat passenger with serious injuries. The tow truck driver had just minor injuries. Now, coming up after traffic and weather, I think you understand what you need to know about building better credit, be careful because there are lots of myths going around. I'm Greg McBride with more coming up. It's 1108. $59. Michael and son. Traffic and weather on the aids, rich hunters in the WTO be traffic center. I did Virginia, Bueller rugged remains closed in the area of meadowlark drive in this closure as a result of a down pole and wires from a crash that occurred earlier this evening, fairfax county police now indicating that the repairs to the pole and wires may take through tomorrow evening's rush hour, so again, they've got a detour set up there. Be careful approaching if you're going to use that way. Definitely give yourself extra time. Now, westbound on the dulles access road, the airport lanes just after world travel last check still getting by single file past that crash looks like the crash that was north found on backlit road between John mar drive and little river turnpike. That has since wrapped up and cleared. For now, the interstates in Virginia I 66 both inside and outside the belly at 95 and three 95 between Fredericksburg and the 14th street bridge as of late no major issues to report, Marilyn Frederick county, two 70 north found before the interchange for route 80 urbana, exit 26, they're still out with a crash involving one overturned, tow trucks are on scene, but you're still getting by single file to left at this time. It's about a one mile delay there in the northbound southbound all lanes are open. Traffic is moving well. Now in the district still have the closures in southeast, Pennsylvania avenue, eastbound between tenth and 11th street, and 11th disclosed between Pennsylvania avenue and K street southeast, all list due to a police investigation. Again, they're going to be out there for a while yet. Eastbound 6 95, before you get down to the interchanges for I two 95 and D.C. two 95 exits two a and B again, traffic squeezing by in the center of the roadway past the crash, with response on scene, rich hunter W two traffic. Your forecast now with Steve prince of alley. Raindrops out there continuing tonight maybe mixed with a few wet snowflakes, especially north and west of town, temperatures

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