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We were eleven points behind yeah now with thirteen your 11 points ruin shift five hits you hold it and you just keep steadily winning games and keep plan nancy said a slip up at one point news close the gap horse he put the pressure on a more right so the nikolic are and will now we can't rest players because now man used on eleven points behind their eight points behind and then you know with the menu winds and other won the would were they draw it's like all right now they're not eight points behind their six points behind two state of saying if you start putting pressure back on city but we go what loss loss draw yep yeah arizona house against bristol city i don't mean to bring up old who had seven this is twice in the two hours since i've been with a draw to less in the today draw the burn burn the old sean died on another ginger okay okay what is the better question is who so you're saying there's a chance that's what you're saying qiao was eleven points go fifteen now on i'm a little sceptical as that theory still holds okay so the book on this one was in this on the canoe um i'm a ginger your ginger market were were a couple of jitters who is the greatest ginger of all time so the g g o a t the bigger goat in the premier league i answering currently or or or all we're talking all the time i'm saying paul schools show on diet for me is right behind him right now i i i'm going to say paul scoles for sure i'm going to back it up as annan ginger unsapolice goals looking you yoga nong not us like that it's only through nine i'm praising the genza i don't know.

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