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Starters is brought to you by jack daniel's tennessee honey fisher partner of the nba we are right into the up down report doing all the classics on tonight show i one guys in what should come as absolutely no surprise carmelo anthony is still keen on coming off the pine next season mellow told reporters after casey was eliminated from the postseason quote i'm not sacrificing no bench will so that's out of the question and guys i ask you where you up or down on mellow just refusing here to come off the bench you like it or you dislike it all right well the only one thing i really do like is he started the season by laughing when people ask the fish come off the bench and end of the season by saying there's no way i'm coming off the bench for the guys gotta make change he could probably still be a starter somewhere in this league if paul george doesn't up leaving the funder maybe mellow slides into that number to role i do agree with him on some sort of things where he's saying that there wasn't a role setup for him coming into the season he got to the team late in september they barely had any chance to figure things out when he got there that being said something's got to change it wasn't a great year he didn't look comfortable this is first year being a role guy what's the future for him i don't know see this message as a secretary is i'm not doing that again and for thirty four year old that doesn't look good i think he can prolong his career if he changes away plays comes off the bin that you still going to get plenty of minutes and plenty of shots but services as a star i mean you're try they may be a role the form but i think primarily he could be utilized veteran at different white and this just makes him look stubborn and basically saying don't even want to have that conversation.

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