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The desert Ford dealers sports desk. He was actually with Patrick Peterson last night. Boy, this must have been a little weird. Yeah. He, he addressed it actually I give them a lot of credit for multiple reasons. His PR staffed in want him to talk about it. He did he apologized to the media before the event. And then he addressed the event and he very contrite. Very remorseful as to, you know, what happened and I tell you, you know, this is an event where they were raising money to open. Four more reading centers for underprivileged kids, they've already opened fourteen of them. So did he make a mistake? Absolutely is the only mistake is he is incredibly, you know contrite in a barest about it. Yes, he is. But, you know, a lot of stuff being. Said about Patrick Peterson the person. No to me, as someone who knows him very well, and is known him over the years in seen him and his wife, Anthony, raise money. I mean, these are really good people doing really good things, and he just made a really bad mistake. Hey, don't we all? So it's going to be costly. There's no doubt about it. They're going to miss him for six games. And they gotta figure it out from there debate is going to be back at it. That'll be a effective today after they had the day off yesterday. Giants in town downtown six forty nine eight seven FM Arizona's sport's station. Warriors this looks like a sweep, especially if they came back in the final moments and they still win over the blazers one fourteen one eleven for a two oh series lead NHL, playoffs that indeed is a sweep as Bruins. They take into the hurricanes and they win that game four nothing in a series of for love. And then how about the PGA championship Brooks. Kepco bogey-free seven under sixty three a course, record of Bethpage. Black. A one shot lead over Danieli you had to sixty four tiger ended up to over seventy-two, and that is sports on KTAR news. Listen on the radio.

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