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Now all of the news, you would probably miss. It's time for data's quick fund. I know that producer Steve is looking for some entertaining quotes from Joe Biden, may, we consider those with you and a little bit is he's out there. Providing free back rubs and neck massages for saying something about Renfrew president, we'll show that a little bit. Hey, did you guys don't twenty five years ago to day it was the OJ Simpson? Chase the one of the white Bronco June seventeenth nineteen Ninety-four man, here's a name. I haven't seen in years. Basie Cowlings his buddy behind the wheel. That's slow cross slow chase of having college chase on LA freeways, people on overpasses waving. Bye bye. And people lining the freeways. It was twenty five years ago to day. Talk. More about that in a little bit heads up on an important recall. Flower recall growing over fears of E coli contamination. The recall has expanded to include about five thousand Fags of Pillsbury best bread flour, now, several northeastern mostly northeastern states are the ones affected. So a big hug, and kiss all Phillies up northeast on the east coast seventeen reported cases of e coli infection connected to flowers, so far. For affiliates on the Gulf Coast Abakar gonna kiss to you as well. The pers- though, kind of sitting on their hands. Waiting for something to do shrimp, season has been delayed on the Gulf Coast seems that the, the shrimp or not big enough yet. Hey did you hear about the tech problems at target say this past weekend target stores? They went without cash registers system wide some for up to two hours. They say now I mentioned this. I know it was on Saturday. But I mentioned this because wasn't it tar shea wasn't a target? That was in the news, just a few years ago. Wasn't like Christmas time. They had this massive data breach, millions and millions of accounts compromise. Because and now they have this meltdown of their cash registers for two hours. I'm looking for a follow. I'd like to know what the problem was over at tars Jay, that is, if you guys are doing shopping over target, just giving that information. Oh, you got to see this. Thank you, brother, sugarcane, Pakistan, government accidentally turning the cat filter. You don't talk about where you're broadcasting live. You're doing a video, and then they put like the puppy dog knows or the cat ears. It was an official broadcast with Pakistan-administered some government, the place they were talking and some employees of theirs left the cat filter that cat whiskers little Nosal little Cubano and and cat ears. And it was the official broadcast. They found.

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