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All right we are back here with the mailbag. America's dad stephen fishbach did need to run. So thank you again. Stephen for joining us here on the match game and walking away with the crown but the entire rest of the match game panel is back with us. I know i promised a clubhouse mailbag coming up. I thought that we had a lot of people that are gonna be here for the mailbag this week at the would only complicate things to add people from clubhouse also to this mic so the next time it's just Myself and uncle key for a mailbag. We'll do the clubhouse mail bag and get ideas from the hit app clubhouse akiva boy everybody's talking about when we're going to get on which rob does not own aken. No no just a interested party who loves to chat with people on clubhouse all right so we have so many people here and some first timers on the mail bag as well so i guess we should open this up for anybody. Who has some suggestions for us Listen rob fifteen a one great ideas. Yes on a little gun. Shy about giving you guys. My ideas wise. I was with my idea. Came up on the winning. I said i was gonna veto no matter what the idea was last. I don't wanna hear that. Spinoffs jason's idea. We're gonna watch these spinoff. Are the spinoff set in stone. went over that. I think we locked in one for sure. So i remember correct eddie that we knew for tori wanted to do possibly the most successful spinoff of all time frazier one of accused eric. Did you see that frazier was going to be getting a reboot Yeah should we. I mean i guess we could cover that. I don't think it's going to be on for a while right there. Probably first filming. It now booed if it's still too if it's technically still frazier or is it. Just they knew like the new sequel frazier. I think of like was rosanna rebooted. I don't know yeah. I yeah i think they started out. Roseanne conner's when they got rid of that. What happened so i. I think i think if they continue with the same actors and the same characters. It's just like hey we it's like the charlotte hornets. They went away for a while and they came back with the cleveland. Browns franchise generally don't have you know the main character from the first show in the second. Show owner a reboot though. Like the saved by the bell reboot. It's like everyone's kid and it's not it's not the same characters still kind of a continuation How about this. What if they called the frazier. Reboot cheers reboot. Okay what do you think. Free cheers as more. Catch these days than frazier. I'm not sure. I don't know i don't know people do love frazier. Not akiva akiva famously. Hates frazier and kelly cheers. Yeah hate kelsey grammar. But he's like nobody thinks kelsey grammar. Good guy. I don't have to like go in the streets and convince people that he's tall. Kelsey grammar good question. Age game on kelsey grammer. I'm going to six seventy one seventy one. Yeah anybody Feel good about the over or under of kelsey grammer. Seventy one and get mid sixties. I also say i'm gonna say like sixty nine months. Sixty six for kelsey grammar. Is that the paramount. Plus way off the might not. It might be not be a network show over on. Okay frazier frazier. The reboot season three episode. Seven when it gets here. We're on it okay. So jason you're giving us any other ideas. Could we convince what no if you want my ideas when my we'll we'll sprinkles backup don't veto it and i'll give it to you that we make. We make amends jason. Can we make amends. What if i said that. If if listeners choice comes up i will pick. I will pick sequels or trash your idea and we'll do next week or any week this month. That it comes up. Why do you get to pick that if listeners. Choice using the pollsters is come up and then an ideal it goes idealized. Chapelle is on. And i get smashed completing the listener choice. I don't want that. Yeah i want it comes up on a keita's choice you choose. That's why well jason's dangling some ideas on making sure that we don't veto his idea again. Now akiva it is march starting next week and you have famously said that that is bracket season. Here on robin vegas are we are. We are we. We'll jamming any brackets in. I think we're gonna jim to brackets in today. If it's okay with you tell me about it number one. I think we should do the tv. Theme songs bracket we did two years ago. We're going to do a reboot as requested by the aforementioned pel. We'll do i think all is it all knew anything that was in the first bracket is not eligible. We're going to do like. Why would they do it again. Get back in. The bracket faces the winner of the last bracket which was Fresh prince of bel air is the theme song. If i remember frankly okay on the podcast on the podcast. We'll decide then right then and there. Yes and it's like season two going up against one winner and then So we could wheel. Jim that in this theme songs that did not make the last one the teams in the world except the thirty two. We did last time. Okay pal and then the other songs when he was on of the bracket was at a regional. I jason i think basically he said we need to include more black theme songs. This time. i now speak to him. After i don't think the tv themes and you'll help but i don't think he made. It would all thirty two games. But i'm happy to ask him about that The other one was something we discussed last week. I think it was first pitch last week and we really are a rushing to air. It was such a hit idea which was the standoff. Yes yes shannon. What what other than survivor. What do you think you are what. What's the thing you're the big fan of in world. I feel so eastern..

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