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A Plan Adelaide. I really believe the Akkad fix the problem with teachers across this country. And I will tell you that it's actually a pretty a simple plan and in that is is imagine if we drew a line and we say this is the salary land for a brand new teacher sure and that salary land was the same anywhere else in the United States of America. The only difference between a teacher in West Virginia and a teacher California is obviously. There's a cost of living allowance. The you know you have to deal with because it's a lot more expensive in California than it is in West Virginia. But if you had a wine and the basic starting salary for a teacher with a bachelor's degree little high for master's degree would be this level and it's not the poverty land been. Maybe maybe we would keep our teachers in locations like West. Virginia that has a hard time maintaining -taining teachers in science technology English math Spanish. Things like that. Maybe they would be willing to stay here and live in the place where they grew grew up if we were able to actually pay them a decent salary you know we always you talked to lawyers and doctors and you say why do you make so much money. The the first thing they say is what I'm merit so much. Educate you know American salary because of my education but yet most teachers have a master's degree plus forty five and it's okay for them believing poverty. We can solve that problem and stop having teachers in areas where it's really hard to maintain teachers teachers. We can actually keep those teachers in those areas. You know right now. We got places around here where the Spanish teacher is. The assistant wrestling coach and God bless the assistant wrestling coach for stepping up to the plate. But the reason why he has to do that is because our actual Spanish instructor instructor so a little grass greener on the other side of the border and ran off the Ohio or Kentucky or Virginia. West Virginia's struggling greatly lightly and we need to make sure that we keep our teachers and of course West Virginia is always under attack in the education world. They're doing analogy the last legislative session and I guarantee they're going to try it again this one since the teachers strike. Do you think that more people in West Virginia have sort of woken up to the problem and understand the need to pay teachers better. I think that people do understand that. But you know so people have got to start really looking at these leadership and what I mean by that is at the end of the teachers strike. Our would have been my life. We were going to have a blue wave in West Virginia. That was gonNA take back the Senate the House we were GonNA absolutely go blue. Get in West Virginia. We didn't we didn't go blew it. All we went more red. You know we can pick up a couple of seats in the house. I mean in the Senate the House note because because we had a governor who absolutely at personally think is a horrible human being but our governor had a little event can't where he pulled all of the Republicans and handing all standing behind him and of course during the teacher strike everyone of those Republicans spoke negatively about the teachers teachers. They they told lies and send the teach- some of them say they were assaulted by teachers. They said that the the teachers destroying the restrooms in the in the capital. All kinds on stuff. They tried to do to paint the teachers in a negative light. So here we are getting ready to go into the mid terms and all the sudden. The governor has this event re the all all these Republicans standing behind him and all those Republicans all got anywhere from AC- to an AF. Most of them got F- ratings during tasers by the teachers rated everybody. I was the only one to get an a plus on the Senate side but yet all the other Republicans got APPs. Now they're standing in behind Jim Justice at Jim Justice. Says if you guys keep these people in office and you vote for him again i WanNa get you another pay raise and unfortunately really. Nobody thought we'd got a governor. That's about as underhanded as you can get if you WANNA know he's lying just look and see if he's lips. Removing because of his lips are moving that line but they fell for it and they reelected all these Republicans and then the the the legislative session started Jordan. And everybody's talking about going to be another pay raise for teachers. But they didn't tell the teachers that they were also GonNa Throw Charter schools into into that pay rates beal. So if you want to pay raise you also vote for charter. Schools Charter. Schools take away from public school and make no mistake about our public. Schools are already struggling as it is but now all of a sudden you're gonNA see charter schools public. Oh by the way one of the things that we're not stipulated in the charter school. Beal was that these legislators should not be a win win the medical marijuana B- oh come out part of that saying that anybody that was participating in voting was not allowed to benefit from medical cannabis. We couldn't go out and get licenses to do the growing throwing all this up which I'm fine with but they didn't do that for charter schools right now. You've got charter schools going in and who's owning. WHO's purchasing these schools some of these legislators? They're the ones that are going to.

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