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And assets wt LP FM Braddock heights Frederick Right back over to the traffic center in Jack Taylor Beltway Maryland topside out of loop slow and just after 95 over toward Georgia avenue in the delay after New Hampshire avenue a wreck over on the right shoulder inner loop had been heavy just moving off 95 into college park then a major delay after you leave branch avenue headed down toward the Woodrow Wilson bridge First in the local lanes on the bridge there had been a broken down vehicle over on the shoulder getting some attention Then we'd had a crash in the delay between branch avenue and saint Barnabas road along the left side of the roadway A couple callers now have driven by and said this seems pretty serious It's a lot of equipment on scene You'll also find the beltway in Maryland Bethesda inner loop as you roll up near river road we'd had word of a vehicle fire This could be the delay that's stretching back quickly into Virginia leaving Georgetown pike Now you'll find 50 in Chevrolet headed westbound out in your kennel worth avenue There we'd had reports of a crash possibly I 70 east before woodbine crash maybe still along the right side of the roadway Troubles in Virginia 66 east near 50 fairfax the wreck in the left lane then as you approach the beltway crash off the roadway to the right side lanes open but still very slow inner loop of the beltway float around Braddock road headed up toward two 36 The WTO P traffic centers presented by window nation by two windows get to free visit window nation dot com today Jack Taylor WTO P traffic Our forecast from Mike stina Low cloud cover and some dense fog will be a problem for the next couple of hours and then later today we'll see mostly sunny skies across the entire region high 75.

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