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Well the Saint Louis blues standard top the NHL as Stanley Cup champions, two, I. Realizing. Doc Emrick on NBC. The Saint Louis blues with a four two one win over the Boston. Bruins in game seven of the Stanley Cup final to hoist the Cup for the first time in franchise history. Ryan O'Reilly who scored the first goal of game seven came as the concept trophy winner for most valuable player as head coach Craig brew becomes the first midseason replacement to win the Cup since two thousand sixteen science is making your dinner more tasty. Bloomberg's Jeff Bellinger has your in focus report. Cups of beef once found only upscale restaurants are showing up at supermarkets WalMart stores and Costco, warehouses. Red meat lovers can Fank math and science for helping the nation's cattle ranchers are using the physical modeling and big data techniques dictator out, which animals have the best teens and which ones are going to pass those genes to their offspring, Lydia molding. He covers food and agriculture for Bloomberg testing have gotten cheaper with DNA guidance. Ranchers can read their animals for maximum marveling and the best possible steaks and executive at certify. Angus beef says it's like money ball for cattle better beef means more profits for producers, you're one of these producers that have really embraced, these moneyball techniques. You're getting extra premiums for producing that better cut of meat and the increased supplies.

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