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Amazing looking at. Of. Offer his upstairs. One in one. I mean you have teams. Like the Troy has put out a sack once Seattle twice three times. All the strike Arbonne. Swang amiss, nap Throwdown, second, tag say. Just getting back, Sandra bold guards. There may not be a guy with a better arm behind the plate that Gary Sanchez and eat through a sea down a second. But it was a little too late. The big leagues scouting scale is twenty two eighty Brian Cashman told me you give Gary Sanchez a ninety for armed next offering cut on this. And that's strikeout and singing, there was the force basketball. Yeah. And you know you look at that at that you look at Michael Chaves in what he's able to do in terms of offense with the bat to slog in the tent early that bad gave away strike. That's. We used to say all outs are premium don't wanna give away strike strike right suffer premium now. Especially with what pitchers are featuring. In this era. Here's the pitch. When gonna miss by Jackie Bradley jR who averages crept up to two one ninety four last Lebanese been high hard three fifty. One forty four may nineteen..

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