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You're flying cars flying cars. Flying cars didn't live in texas. You can go out and loan prairie and you just zip over and kind of therapy a lot more than you think. I complain about it on the show and everybody was telling me about. Did we put them on. You wouldn't believe how many flying cars and stuff there's going to be it's awesome. I'll show you how our later. Now what we wanna do is get from the beginning and it starts with your health as a young woman you know. At what point did you realize something wrong with your your symptoms. Oh am i but around three or four years old. I started having really excruciatingly painful digestive issues that always ended up with a black watery. Diarrhea really pain is pain. Though i mean four years old you're pay. We have one of our grandsons. I found out. He's allergic to everything or something. You know but they haven't been vaccinated or something so i don't know what he did but he just complaining every i you quit your complaining. And what was. He'd has allergies different things. And i'm going okay. And he's a great athletic old kid and so on quick cure wine and so. How supportive would your family that well. They love me but they you know i remember being in many doctor's office why when i was like six seven eight years old. Why is this happening to me. And my mom. Please don't worry about it. She just has a nervous stomach and nobody had ever really heard of he just have. It's all in her head was coming from. Also my parents you know by accident. They didn't know seal that nobody had heard of. But it's like she's just in her. Dad has a nervous stomach. And i swear if he would let me do the food inflammation test for him. We can figure out differently. But he doesn't want to. maybe he does. I don't know but yeah so basically it was happening on and off. But when you're a kid your body's actually amazing and really trying to regulate itself and so the immune system is working hard to keep itself in an equilibrium and so my episodes were further and further apart than they were when i was in became an adult so it just got worse and worse as i aged and but when i starting at thirteen they seal eac affects your mental health. Your entire systemic inflammation brain inflammation digestive inflammation joint inflammation. Your whole body is affected and mind. And so i was really frustrated. Angry all the time stress jau emotional you know my parents were like oh well. Let's take her to a psychiatrist. Long story short does all they put. They put me on. Yes they put me on. You know some tranquilizers sent me to reform school for two years more god from twenty note fifteen from the age of fifteen to seventeen in two thousand and that was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Though i was living in a really inconsistent environment i moved to a very consistent environment. I hate it then. But the tools that i got there are just you know indispensable state run thing now. It was a small christian crazy place called shelter. Would it was hard to be there. But like i just i wouldn't trade it for five million bucks. Where did you get out of it. Social skills discipline. I mean a man. They were so about different but before going there. I don't know what i would have done with my life. When i left there at seventeen i was ready to just move on and get my when they wanted to do with my life where they give you like Business skills you know. This is how to balance a checkbook. They're not doing. The govern is for sure any. So what was it like discipline picking grass running miles if you got in trouble used to bust rocks with an eight pound sledge hammer when i got in trouble for talking too much little ones out a bit but they taught a school and we went to a lot of counseling and we had to read a lot of the bible and it was all very intense seven. All this time. You're not knowing what's making you sick and it was you know but i knew i wasn't crazy for sure. You know that that self confidence is kind of a requirement to find solutions for this kind of stuff. You just got. look man. i trust my self nice. You guys can. All suck was reading textbooks to. I've always been pretty academic. So i was like reading about. Adhd and bipolar. And i just didn't fit any of the actual descriptions clinically like actually. This has never happened. This stuff has never happened so but that's when the medical injury started. I lost half of my hair when i was there on medication. I also couldn't see out my peripheral vision. I was starting to have the first like really negative side effects from medications and they were like. Oh well it's going to be okay. We'll find another one then. They gave me something called the mcdonnell and my whole body broke out in a rash and then it's dangerous once you start rash fifty percent of the people who take that drug get that reaction and then it leads to. Nfl lactic shock. If you're not careful so they tell you to the hospital right away so and one time. I had to walk out of college class to my dorm with my eyes closed. Because i literally could not open them like lift my eyelids and the whole time. I knew i wasn't. I didn't need it. Oftentimes you're taking medication to that. You don't need you don't have the actual disease. It can cause some of the symptoms that it's supposed to cure you know so it was a crazy time very i feel like i was really introduced my to myself for.

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