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Way you always have smiling laughing listening the way you did long before apps i did this study myself and i found that people who use internet to date of more education are more fully employed and more likely to want to marry these sites certainly do have problems but like any new technology you've got to learn how to use it nobody gets out of love alive you heard about some of these people we all suffer on the internet and off the internet as the poet william butler yeats once said love is the crooked thing it is the drive for romance and love as one of the most powerful brain system the human animal has ever revolved ask have their problems but apps cannot never have and never will kill the brain circuitry for romance thank you and that includes round one of this intelligence fared us uk were our monkey news swipe left dating afsouth killed romance now we move onto round two where the debaters address one another directly and they take questions from me and from you are live audience here in new york city our motion is swipe left dating apps have killed romance we have heard the team arguing forward the motion my new summer rhody and eric line enberg argue dating by apps is anything but romantic that it makes it harder to be swept away apps are a transactional activity whose quality is seeping into real life and destroying romance actually in real life even in offline relationships killing things like civility and decency they used the word flake here the problem of having too much choice that when people know that they have to white for somebody else they're always going to be looking for something better so that's part of the argument being made for the motion the team arguing against the motion helen fisher and tom jakes they say that apps are aiding and abetting romance that there are people in the world getting together who otherwise would not be able to including people in the disabled community the lgbt community where apps are they say responsible for seventy percent of relationships that have developed also going to the level of brain chemistry that the brain circuitry of romantic love is too deeply etched in our brains technology has been blamed for destroying romance but it's always turned out to be a false alarm i want to go to the team arguing for the.

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