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He gave up like a hundred eighty seven yards in this game. They went after him. Yeah mike jkat come angles. We don't need to be telling people that well what happened. So keep that in mind for whoever starting at quarterback for the for washington next week rothlisberger shawn watson and kirk cousins round. Out your top five days. It's brady way ahead of the pack dalton rothlisberger watson and cousins bunched in there. I think i don't think anybody saw adult and having a huge game or rothlisberger having huge game and if you were watching rothlisberger play in the first half you definitely did not think he would end up as a top five fancy quarterback but he really did get it going. The steelers offense did uncover. Oh we can throw it a little bit dp. He talked about it already. I hope they keep it up. They could also be if they can really get their offense back on track and we'll see if one half of football can lead to that but if they can get their offense back. They're going to be a tough team in the playoffs. Assuming that tj watts okay. I know that he got banged up in the game. If they don't have what am but debris than i don't know what their pass rushes gonna look like well. Dave i want you to know. I made to lineups for the sunday million on fan duel and one of them had andy dalton and the other one. My late lineup had andy. Don't one of them. Was the cleveland browns stack. So which one man all about ohio. There my my late game slate. I should actually check on this. I had sanders. I had dalton stacked with gallup and lamb. Oh damn yeah he might be retiring well. It's the afternoon slate. It's not the main slate so no no million was one okay. Why one nine dollars All right tonya. Five running backs top by wrestler. Who's jeff wilson. I'm trying to think of the sunday guys. are jeff. wilson's going to be up there. How about alvin kamara. How did he do. He scored fifty two points at nine. Fifty five the saturday guys went crazy. Chimera gaskin wilson. I almost feel like. I just didn't do justice to alvin. America's it was two days ago. But oh my gosh hundred. Fifty five yards and six touchdowns..

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