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Gamma. Newsom says the state is getting even more serious about enforcing health orders during the Koven 19 pandemic. KP CASE Tim LANCE reports. The governor says members of his enforcement task force were busy over the holiday weekend. Ensuring businesses are in compliance with Corona virus order to address the bad actors, the folks that are simply just disregarding these orders and to hold them. To some account as well. There were a total of 52 citations handed out. We had close to 6000 in person visits to bars and restaurants just from the Department of Alcohol, Beverage Control. Cal OSHA and the Department of Industrial Relations were also involved. We're not going out there with a punitive frame, but we are going out with the result that this moment needs and the governor says they made 440,000 contacts with businesses targeted, mostly those named in customer complaints. Tim Lance News, 93.1 Kfbk knew this afternoon, the California state capital closed after several officials tested positive for Corona virus. The building was shut down today after Assemblywoman Autumn Burke and four others were diagnosed. The virus was likely spread when staffers and legislators met to pass the state budget recently. Reports indicate the building will be closed for a week. To undergo a deep cleaning. Both houses of the state legislature are on summer recess expected back July 13th. But the Associated Press reports that Speaker Anthony Rendon says the assembly will stay In recess until further notice. Well. So in Corona virus infections overshadowed Fourth of July celebrations for some over the holiday weekend. NBC's Alex Alice bar now more than 30 states are now seeing cases rise, with Florida and Texas reporting their biggest daily increases over the weekend. Houston among the hardest hit In the 1st 4 days of July 15 states reported record increases in the virus that is sick and nearly three million Americans killed around 130,039 states confirmed increases over the weekend. New cases soaring in Arizona, Florida, Texas here in California, health experts and local government leaders say they are worried that the spike in cases will overwhelm hospitals. Some churches may have not gotten the word Governor Gavin Newsom is banning, singing and chanting it Religious services in California. He did this last week to spread the curve of the Corona virus. Scapa case, Amanda Carol has more to manic ALS, the co lead pastor of Ecos Church in Irvine. They're launching an online worship called we will Worship. We will sing on Facebook to allow people to worship at home. He says. It's not a direct rebuttal to the governor many many, many ineffectually that are praying for him that are believing for the success of our state and overcoming these numbers, and I would add that we've got to do it together because us singing and praying and the freedom of our faith is essential Medical says People are missing that nostalgia of going to religious services. Amanda Carol News, 93.1 Wildfires News 93.1 KFBK Continuing coverage. A banger woman has been arrested in connection to last week's 0.75 acre Swedes fire Nicole Carol Brunch Bunch was booked in tojail.

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