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Park with. A high of eighty eight today to CBS news time four oh three, all over, the world fans continue. Talking about, the passing, of legendary singer Aretha Franklin which includes folks here New York of course reporter. Marla diamonds spoke. With many who loved Aretha in, Harlem over five decades, Aretha Franklin. Played many sold out shows in Harlem says the Apollo's historian Billy. Mitchell she loved the. Apollo theater and. Nine thousand nine hundred seventy one we had a concert she's back home. It was after years of, canceled, concerts and, rumors of a nervous breakdown The seems, sad a lot says fan Mariela Lee you know and it's probably. What her personal life. Was when she came to the to the, stage I mean she she could, just wait hours she was she, could do what she came to do Aretha Franklin was the self proclaimed Queen of. Soul says the historian Billy Mitchell but it stuck, you don't get that title by being mediocre she is the Queen of soul period in Harlem Marla diamond WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty drama. At a. Popular jazz club in midtown Catholics that can more than two dozen club, goers at, the Iranian jazz club. On west, fifty first, street last night the Iranian was hosting a British themed event hosted by music. Legend Denny Laine. And Beatles audio engineer g off, Emmerick firefighters showed up, pull the. Plug on the show telling everybody to get out officials say the. Gas leak was caused. By a faulty. Soda tank and the club's basement most of those sickened by the fumes Were treated at. The scene, the club's manager said no alarms went off before the f. d.. N. y. showed up. Police blocked off the southbound side of Broadway, between fiftieth and fifty second while, firefighters vented out the club a, rally held at city hall Thursday following a string of attacks on correction officers at Rikers WCBS reporter Mike's melts was there Members of the correction officers union held a. Brutal photos bloody close. Ups of their colleagues who were. Beaten by inmates in, Rikers the newest example, of that, was right. Here in the flesh correction officer babinski was attacked by gang members and Rikers on Wednesday afternoon, sporting nine stitches on a nasty deep red cut on his forehead but Bensky. Says change needs to come now before correction officers killed our hands are tied we've. Lost control over these jails they running these jails not us correction officers benevolent association president allies. Medine says mayor de Blasio has chosen to protect inmates and taken away protections from correction officers inmate that attacked the office to the other. Day is in jail, for murder but he thinks that is crew to keep them separate from us in other inmates the union wants the mayor to bring. Back solitary confinement for inmates under the, age of twenty two at city hall, makes melts WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty nj transit dealing with. Plenty of. Heat over bad service The lack of engineers. Discussed at a meeting in, Trenton on Thursday Peter Haskell fills offend Republican lawmakers wanted to know what's. Taking so long why is the democratic administration been unable to. Get an Jay transit back on track DOT Commissioner Diane Gutierrez ca Chetty, gave appointed response if you look, back ten years that's three thousand. Six hundred and, fifty days to screw this up I can't fix. It into a nobody. Can fix it in two hundred. Thirteen days one of, the problems this summer, has been, a shortage. Of engineers NJIT has been hampered by rule requiring employees to live in New Jersey legislative leaders, in governor Murphy have agreed to change that and then there's the lack of. Information executive director Kevin Corbett says a war room has been created the focus of. Improved communication has also let us to become more proactive we've begun to alert customers the night. Before when we know certain trains will likely be cancelled the next morning due to PT equipment availability the installation positive train control means some quick is pulled out of service peter hence gold w._c._b._s. newsradio eight eighty coming up president trump said to visit long island today that's coming up next heavy c._b._s. news time seven and now a page from the diary of flo dear diary the ghost is back this house is protected through progressive but that doesn't mean it's not haunted how else would you explain that radiator like clanking sound.

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Aretha Franklin, Iranian Jazz Club, Harlem discussed on Vickie Allen and Levon Putney

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