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Of John Nolan was the intermediate between Robert Kennedy who was several floors up with gase Kenny and the autopsy Dr John Nolan soft and help to direct via. Personal physician Admiral Berkeley, what happened at the autopsy, which is why Nolan with it. He told me said, yes. Hundred cafe was killed by the evidence of the autopsy on. Thom Hartmann, visit Thom Hartmann dot com for audio and video archives. We're going to be back in just a minute. We'll recap exactly what John Nolan told us what he learned as he was in the autopsy room with Jack Kennedy and more stick around. So Lamar you want to be, you know, the that was all kind of being run together, really fast and a jumble. You want to boil us back down again. So bottom line is the US was about to overthrow Castro Kim days before Dallas they've been making plans for what did you have Castro found out and retaliated John Nolan Robert Kennedy's closest aide was part of that planning. So of course, JFK's body is brought back to the naval hospital in Washington. And while Robert Kennedy is on was fifth sixth seventh or something like that. With Jackie Kennedy. He's on the phone with with John Nolan even found exactly which phone, and then Nolan would relay bobby's instructions about what to do, and what not to do to Admiral Berkeley, who was JFK the White House, personal physician. Who would then basically give the orders to the admirals and officers conducting the autopsy what most people don't realize there was what some people call a national security. The autopsy very brief one right before the official. Autopsy that's when a bullet was found by a guy who later became a Rear, Admiral. You know, he was incredible people here. That's when the tiny Sloat wound that had been open to a very small tracheotomy opening in Dallas with hugely enlarged. So there was a very rushed very small very quick national security autopsy before the official autopsy began. So so Nolan was part of that that left inconvenienced in no doubt, Robert Kennedy convinced there was a conspiracy he'd kill JFK because the bullets had come from multiple directions. Right. Right. Right. And that that you can't. Yeah. Fireballs in two different directions. And so Robert Kennedy John Nolan was the first of several people that Robert Kennedy said look, I want you to do your own unofficial investigation. Warren Commission's doing their thing. Hoover. I don't really trust. And and and you know, we all trying to prevent World War three. So I can't be public on this. But so Nolan actually did his own private investigation, and he continued and he also worked with Bobby on some bobby's other private investigations it remained close to Bobby literally through bobby's final campaign. I think they saw each other, you know, within days of, you know, Robert Kennedy dying. It's not that day. And so John Nolan continued to carry that torch through the church committee in the seventies through the house select committee in the late seventy the torch being that he knew it was a conspiracy because he he had been there in the room, and he could see that this body had been shot from two different directions. Exactly, exactly. And and also because he had access to all the top intelligence that Robert Kennedy had he knew eventually that Castro didn't do it. So he told me. Yeah. Cash didn't do this. And so and so he he knew for a long time. That it was Carlos Marcello godfather of Louisiana and much of Texas and central trough godfather of much of Florida, especially Tampa had been behind it because they almost kill JFK and Tampa four days before Dallas, Bobby and John Kennedy had to cover that up. Keep it out of the press at the time. John Nolan had had a we found that story in the in the newspapers in microfilm archives in that God awful newspaper down. Look look through thousands of pages. The one article that came out the day after JFK died.

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