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Are to listen live. It's been thirty years since the first episode of beverly hills night. Oh two one. Oh thirty years. Since we walk the halls of west beverly high and since we all hung out at the peach fit relive at all with jennie. Garth and tori spelling on their new podcasts. Nine oh two one oh. Md we get to tell the fans all of the behind the scene stories to actually happen. Join them as they re watch every episode of the beloved ninety s. tv show from the very beginning. Listen to nine hundred zero. Md on the iheartradio app. Or wherever you get your podcast. Are you a music fan gaining more music. Talk in your life then. You should be listening to record store society of music talk. Show podcast on the iheartradio network record store. Society is virtual trip to your local record store hosted by me. Tara davies and me nicklaus johnson. Every friday you'll find seven i- behind the counter at your favorite record store dispensing recommendations making lists and talking to our customers about anything and everything music related and you never know who's going to stop by our record stores frequented by musicians producers writers actors and especially lots of famous. Nobody's like you and i tear. That's right as long as they are excited to talk about music. They'll probably make an appearance in our record store sooner or later and we can't wait to talk to them. I want to find out what their top five debut album. I wanna find out who their top five beatles swing exactly so listen to record store society on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. We were just repeating the sow pailin tonio interview during the commercial break. And i didn't know how serious he. And then i realized that he was being very serious. And then paulie goes. You shouldn't be surprised that he was so serious. Do you remember the super bowl. In texas in houston. Where at an irish pub and a guy is giving me grief and he. I wouldn't do a shot with him and he kept saying i said look. I'll take a picture. I don't wanted to shot. This guy is given me you know. He's in my face. And sal is next to me in sows not involved in the conversation and sal paolantonio arms are back and he later said if the guy hits you then i was going to drop him so south is just standing. He said exactly that he was standing there. Just watching this guy and all of a sudden the guy finally walked away. And then sal goes if he hits you. I was going to drop him and i go all exciting. What sal was doing but he staring this guy down so former military guy and tough guy. He's not soft like david. Pollock college football analysts. He's not a tough guy. David joins us now. Good morning david. Happy new year. How are you buddy having during great rather. When's the last time last time you're in a fight. That's easy when i was when i was a football player. I gotta fight almost every single day of practice of every practice of my georgia career. It was a it was a very consistent and theme and it was. It was not look back on and you probably would change the way you acting. Maybe a little bit but i was way too hyper competitive and gotten a lot of fights in practice. How about a non football. I've never been in a non while fighting my life. So i've never had. Anybody asked to do a shot with me. dan. I guess. I need somebody to do a shot with me. But i've never been in a fistfight off a off the football field my life. Let's kind of crazy. At least tom. Rinaldi could have done a shot with you before he left to go to. Fox tim timmy. And shots would be a fun. Experience probably probably get. Why a lot of what's going on in your life. All right urban meyer jacksonville. I know just rumor speculation if you were him but would you do if you want a coach in you in you have that. It's scratched and they're gonna pay me. Hamlets like five six million dollars a year. I mean if i'm him then. I could see it making sense. I just don't think urban meyer a home run at any university in any college. He's already proven that and just. Nfl's a different ballgame. It's different clientele you're dealing with grown men and you don't necessarily control them as much as you control college kids and control everything. So listen jacksonville setup for success dude. It's all that money. They have in free agency. They got the number one pick. They got two first round picks to second round. I mean they're they're loading it's a. It's a great destination to be in. You're gonna get trevor lawrence with the number one. Pick one of the most talented quarterbacks we've seen in a long time so it would make sense for him. I wouldn't bet on him being a successful. Nfl coach and turning that thing around going to win in super bowls. But i would at the college ranks wherever he goes. I would say he's gonna win. Are you completely sold on trevor lawrence. Being the number one overall pick. Let's say urban goes to jacksonville and you got just fields there who you coached you. Watch that game. So you sold on trevor lawrence being no-doubt number one overall. I mean you just watch that game. You go justin holy cow. He's one big right like the guy on the plane. Especially showing the toughness checking the football down if you go back and watch a couple of games throughout the season with indiana and northwestern amazon like who is this guy i mean. Justin field started the season after the first two games dan. I was like justin fields and trevor lawrence or neck and neck. They are right next to each other. And i looked like i was crazy. And then the next three or four games happening i once crazy. And then you see yesterday or the other day with the super bowl. And you're like holy cow like this guy's unbelievable so i think that when you look when you look at fields he can throw the football accurately. He's big he's strong and stuff. He doesn't see things as fast as i would like to. But trevor lawrence is he. He's very very special. Because you you just forget six. He can throw over top of everybody and he's to thirty he can break tackles and he's you know four six feet and he can run so i think i think he's got on. I will say this. I don't think clemson maximized his gifts like they didn't do it. They don't i don't know how well he throws over the middle of the field and like i would love to be able to say trevor can make all the throws but he doesn't throw over linebackers between safeties that offense his career oriented offense. It spits it out. it's a lot of screens. So if you look at the height weight speed intangibles flowing locks great hair. Like he's got a checks a lot of boxes. So i think i think you'll be the number one picking. I think you'll be very successful. I don't nfl scout. Who watched the notre dame game and he said the following notre dame have perimeter speed to cover. And that's the big issue here. You know the offense you to establish the running game and keep the offense off the field. They had a game plan. But the scout said you gotta have perimeter speed. And it's a glaring weakness with notre dame. So that all that is separating notre dame from clemson.

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