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Several stars, Maybe even Celtics like Gordon Hayward of Kemba Walker could be on the move. But for now, let's look at other movement with New England ties. Former Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein surprisingly announced he was stepping down as comes president of baseball operations after nine seasons, spend more time with family and work with nonprofits. Epstein's obviously not had the Boston but will Venable maybe the former Cubs coach is expected to be named. Alex scores bench coach After interviewing for the Sox managerial vacancy before core was rehired. Venable played nine years in the majors and congrats to Northborough native and former Boston College hockey stand out. Bret Petersen, the long time NHL player agent was named the Florida Panthers assistant general manager, the first black assistant GM in league history. Adam Kaufman, WBC Boston's news radio. 11 43 traffic on the threes. Kevin's got it. Joining us right now. The Super Bowl retailers of New England all will drive traffic on the threes. So are their big problems or just a couple of little things. All we got a couple little things, mostly mid day work crews will start it off down on the Cape Route six westbound. You got a two mile back up here into the work crews after exit, Aidan that yaar myths stretched beyond that you're okay over to the sag more bridge. You got a nice ride coming up Route three from the Sagamore Bridge all the way up to Braintree and back for that matter If you're heading down to the cave over on 4 95 north bound over a mile back up into the work crews after route 44 here in Middleborough now 1 28 North bound. We're dealing with a crash here in Newton crash involving a car carrying a couple cars. What? The ramps to the Mass pike in Newton traffic a little slow getting by that no heavy delays here. Mass Pike 15 minute ride between 1 28 and 4 95 Up on 93 South bound, left Lane guard real work after 1 33 and and over, Scott, you back about a mile and over and Wall family got a portion of River Street closed both ways between Farwell Street to stop and shop on that Watertown line do the one earlier crash that took.

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