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And as i said that's both full if you like ethical reasons but i think it's also how you bring about transformational change It finally who is this book for. He was in your mind when you were writing it. Yeah no that's that's a great question. I think most of all. I've worked as i've said over the last ten to fifteen years in search ore in university settings with With students but also with people working in various activist organizations. And i think first of all by this book i've written for all the people who have had conversations with which goes something like look i'm passionately committed to climate action. But gee i have trouble at four in the morning sometimes thinking about you know how to keep going with this work so i think most of all it's full the vast number of people around the world now who are really clear that this is the indeed the most important priority will have to work on but i think all of us At times find a tough journey. So i think it's What i'm hoping to do as i said is not not provide a blueprint. Not a box of silver bullets but to contribute to the conversations which think we all have with family and friends about. How are we going to navigate this journey. And i hope this is a contribution to those conversations. John advisement thank you very much indeed hope and courage in the climate crisis wisdom and action in the long emergency by john wiseman is published by paul grave mcmillan. And it's out now you've been listening to monica. Reads thanks to the producer nor whole researcher. Sophie monaghan koons. I'm georgina godwin. Thank you phil listening..

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