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Radio network. On demand. This is the news and why? Why? Why? Why it matters. Hey, I'm Sarah Gonzales. Welcome to the news and why it matters. Stu. What was the top story for you? Jennifer. Serie. Oh, how important to note for me if I wanna have another one. But yeah, top story, how do we decide whether people in the metoo movement get to go back to work or not. Okay. And then before we move onto Jason, what year what your was my action. No. What year is your anniversary? What year? Two thousand sixteen? Wow, that's really old. I know I was thinking. Thank you. The migra caravan news is escalating the Trump the president made an announcement on that today and also an inconvenient truth. Nobody, especially in the left wants to talk about when discussing the migrant crisis in Latin America. Connie west and criminal Justice reform. Awesome. All right, for we get into all of that, one of our sponsor radionuclide I feel like very repetitive for me to bring up a used to be fat. I'm not fat anymore. Yay me, but it's really hard to stay. Not fat. No. If you know that I've never had that problem for physical condition on just now putting on weight, but I'm very spindly. So when I take my clothes off, look like a pregnant spider. That it's going to expand, so. Okay. Well, then you should. So if you're trying to either lose weight or just maintain ribs on is actually they take the molecule in olive oil that helps.

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