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Idiot. This fits perfectly into your strategy and you need to move and go get this. And I was a little bit embarrassed. I said, Al. I don't know what that company does, and he said, trust me, you need to do it. I called up my head of business development. I ask him to go over to that company the next morning. He met with the CEO there for an area called me and said, John, you gotta get over here. I went over. I love the CEO. I loved his vision at trusted him. He was very transparent that companies were looking at moving very rapidly with him, and I asked him, how was he going to win this acquisition? What did he want? And then I shared with him. Why thought becoming part of Cisco is the best thing to do? We had a handshake at lunch for three billion dollar plus acquisition. We had it through both board of directors by Monday morning, we announced it the employee's and our competitors dating even know we're in the count. So that allows you to move with speed. It allows you like a professional football team to know where everybody's going to be in. You can run the plays in a hurry up offense. And it's, it's something that I think regardless of their innovation, you're in getting that innovation. Playbook on how you do everything from acquisitions to how you do culture to how you recruit people do how you say people in, they start to leave your company. It has tremendous power to how you do corporate social responsibility and give back the same type of playbacks. Now, John, I want to ask you about your near death experience in two thousand one when the dot com bubble burst as someone who's interested very much in feedback, looking back where they're ways that the company could have been better prepared for that. Yes, there were. And so let me answer your direct Indra question I had over a decade at Cisco and the CEO has to own it. You've got a great team around you. And boy, I had great leaders around me and many of them, and most of them are still very good France today. But in the end, the CEO owns responsibility for the vision strategy and the tough decisions for a decade. We had grown between sixty and eighty percent areas about sixty five percent doubling our headcount every eighteen months headcount. Was going up on fifty thousand people at this time, and we got on top by having a clear vision and with the appropriate awareness of the challenges. And then when we got our play books running, we ran the place fast nor competitors. Our competitors kept doing the right thing too long. And so if we weren't willing to invest and take risks, we would never be where we are. My mistake, however, was I was so dependent upon the data, and I'm a data hound. I pattern recognition off the data in the first week in December. We had seventy percent growth year over year. And while there was smoke in the market about the might be a problem, the dated in Saito by the middle of January, it was managed thirty percent growth, twenty five percent of my customers were disappearing going out of business and we were in free-fall. We handled that better than any of our peers. We made the changes in fifty. One days I went out however, and listen to the customers for two weeks. Came back and said, we have to change as a company, a brutal lesson learned and very hard, very hard to lay off people that you love in your family in John, whether some ways that your experience in the dot com bust better prepared you for the financial crisis..

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