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Like this. What your cowboys as you have. So gracefully pointed out fresh off a win over. My forty niners are facing the philadelphia eagles. And what. I thought might be an easier. Game for dallas now with jalen hurts a quarterback for philly. I don't know how you feel about that. I've said for weeks jalen hurts presents. The biggest wildcard factor in the nfc. Playoff picture i think that's evidenced by the fact that he beat the new orleans saints. He's a large reason why they're not going to have a first round bye. He almost beat the arizona cardinals. And if you get enough help then maybe the could win. The nfc east I do think this sounds crazy. The cowboys stats have wanted games in a row. They have won three of their last five. And they are kind of functional. Nfl team which didn't seem to be the case as a possibility a few weeks ago and of their last five games which by the way was then returning from there by beat the minnesota vikings which at the most impressive thing in the world but rather impressive at the time then. They lost at home on a short week to the washington. Football team on thanksgiving while dealing with all sorts of emotions. After the loss of their coach they lost like almost two weeks later in baltimore ravens who began their peak back to the top and then again not great wins but they beat the bengals and they beat the forty niners and for what it's worth those teams that the entire. Nfc east ought to play so things are just kind of normalized last week. I tweeted this out. The cowboys were the only team in the division to win. But that's because they played the bangles and the giants the browns. The seahawks played washing football team and the eagles play the card. Well the cowboys got dragged. All three of those other teams earlier in the season and so things are just kind of falling into place. You know what. I mean like your your schedule starting to match up and i think i don't know if you agree. I think the cowboys would have beat the eagles last time. They've played andy. Dalton had been quarterback. They played benvenuti in his first ever. Nfl game and starred and still almost beat them. And so i i. I'm not trying to care for any doubt say. He's an elite quarterback. But i think he makes this offense much better the cowboys three wide receivers have all started to play really well. They kinda had their own games. Amari cooper michael galaxy lamb. And i also think that demarcus lawrence is playing like one of the best edge rusher in the nfl. I don't know that. I think he not for the pro bowl. But he's still really good. And i know the eagles shaky at right tackle. And so you telling me that. There's a rookie quarterback who got a shaky right tackle going up against the edge rushes in the nfl. The last point. I'll say that kind of ties all this together. I'm going to the exact numbers on here. So forgive me stats. But prior to this stretch. The cowboys had something like two possessions that began on the plus side of the fifty yard. Line they've had like seven of them since and some of that's just lucky turnovers some of that special teams turnovers and they haven't always turn those into touchdowns but they're generally getting point center them because that's a lot easier to do short fields and i think that that's the difference. I think maybe the cowboys get like nine points out of that. Maybe with some jalen hurts. Fumbles demarcus lawrence. Did force one on. Nick mones last week and i think that that's i think that that's the difference and i think the cowboys. I'm surprised that they're two point dogs here at home. There is a logical argument to be made that. Look the cowboys. Were coming in with a new head coach. It takes time to to for the coach to get to know the players and vice versa on they had the injury to dak and then the injury to andy dalton so they've never really had a chance to kind of settle in and you can make the argument now that maybe they're they're starting to settle in and maybe we kind of discount a little bit what we saw earlier in the year and start to think that maybe this is the team. The cowboys actually are now that they've experienced a little bit of stability. And i agree with you on andy. Dalton he's an absolutely functional quarterback. There's a ton of talent around him. I think the cowboys are a much bigger pain for teams and they were earlier in the year. Yeah i mean you mention the injuries. Obviously the quarterbacks but the cowboys it should be said that. When mike mccarthy took over as head coach travis frederick had not retired. He has since retired. The cowboys have lost tyran smith for the season. They've lost lau collins for the season. They have probably los zack martin for the rest of the season. And so i mean that last seat last week stats against your niners. The cowboys tried about the same offensive line for the third week in a row. That's the longest streak that they've had this season. The same five five positions on the offensive line. And so i think you're right. I think they're settling in. There's continuity it. I don't know if leighton vander she's gonna play in this game. I don't know that that's a really big factor. Honestly love you in the wolf hunting and everything but has had his bad moment. Certainly i but i mean the eagles. It was certainly impressive that they beat the saints but some of that is we think the saints are frauds. It was impressive that they you know kind of went back and forth with cardinals. But we've kind of called the cardinals by the way we think everybody's frauds. I've realized in this sentence. I think that on paper it looks a lot more like the eagles are a better team and i do think that this is two cultures in seriously win their sails and i think that this if the eagles win i think not that this hasn't even been driven in but it's the final nail in the carson wentz's an eagles quarterback coffin. I think that nails dirty pipe. It's just further. You're going like further into grant at that point. Yeah i think that book is close. But i agree with you. It's certainly not gonna help. Things jalen hurts can get another win. I think i liked the cowboys in.

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