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Mercedes, Mercedes has the most money, the best car, they're dominant. Finally, this year, by the way, Red Bull is challenged Mercedes, but that's a new development in Formula One for years. Mercedes had the best car every single year. And usually, with 6, 7, 8, races left in the year. Lewis Hamilton was so far ahead, he'd already won the world title. Because he dominated for years. And people often discredit Lewis Hamilton by saying that the only reason he won because was because he was driving a Mercedes car. And that's incredibly disrespectful to Lewis Hamilton. Again, you needed both. And we're seeing this year when it's a little more even playing field between Max Verstappen and Louis Hamilton. Red Bull can finally challenge Mercedes. They've got a better car. Oh, even when he's challenged Lewis is still really good. It's because he's like one of the best ever to drive a Formula One car. You can't.

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