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One at one point five Jersey's first news five seven Dan's Earls, committed whether temperatures in the fifties now sixties and seventies later, we'll dry out a bit. It is still a little damp this morning, but we'll see some sunshine this afternoon, though, the shower throat will return later in the day. We'll have more on that coming up in just a couple of minutes. It is another case this morning to a sexual predator impersonating Uber driver this time near the university of Delaware. Police say the man pulled up to a twenty one year old woman walking down the sidewalk asked if she called for an Uber. She had but when she got in that wasn't Uber car Forty-one-year-old. Roberto Rodriguez showed a knife police say and demanded she performs sexual act. The woman got out of the vehicle and called police Rodriguez was arrested a short time later. After Mercer county. Prosecutors say hundreds of animals really really killed at a Hamilton animal shelter. Current and former township official have been charged with cruelty and misconduct. Shelter has become a contentious political issue health and wreck director, Jeffrey Plunkett and the former shelter supervisor. Todd pensive Ingo charged with killing three hundred cats and dogs over two years the shelter. It offered on demand euthanasia in violation of a state mandated seven-day grace period offer the animals up for adoption a White House decision to deploy aircraft carrier strike group and land based bombers to the Middle East was intended to send a message a defense official says the moves are in response to indications that Iran and its proxy forces were preparing to possibly attack you as forces in the region. The defense official says the Pentagon approve the deployments and US forces at CNN land with ought to be potential targets. You probably know that recycling is mandatory in the Garden State. But recent changes in the way, recyclable materials are handled halfway around the world is increasing costs and causing other problems for a growing number of New Jersey town, China where most recycled materials are shipped. Has changed its recycling rules and will no longer accept contaminated co mingled items effect of this as Michael Darcy of the jersey league of municipalities has many towns that used to sell their recycled materials are now spending money to get rid of them. Paying to get recycling. Taken away is the norm. And it's a it's a big problem increases disposal costs. He adds the new recycling requirements are also causing an increasing number of towns to narrow.

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